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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Economy Drive

I have caused all kinds of trouble for myself - I was simply trying to be the best wife I could for darling James... OHMYGOD!

I spied the most perfect cardigan you ever laid eyes on in the window of a local boutique on Park Hall Road, and I tried to walk past but I was rooted to the spot, and then - Elaine reached out one long slender arm and virtually dragged me in! Well, I was powerless to resist, I had just been reading about the slowing economy, dreadful drop in high street sales, imminent job losses... and I so love to play my part in keeping the economy moving. In my own small way, I was actually trying to assist my darling man...

James continues to be obsessed with his frightful economy drive (he is not expecting a very generous bonus), and I sooo hate to lie to him, I could not purchase an item of clothing and hide it in the au pair's wardrobe (again). I have been paying for so many things with cash lately due to the embarrassing new credit card he has issued to me. I decided to cunningly withdraw £250 (the daily maximum allowed) from the bank machine just across the road, and pay a cash deposit off the cardigan.

I enlisted the help of sweet shop keeper Elaine to mark the ticket on the garment down by £250, and this evening I insisted that darling James take a look at the mantle for me when out buying himself a bottle of Claret - as I am being so careful with his pennies. "No more impulse buying for me," I assured him... I need a second opinion (I lied - convinced that he would consider the cardigan a complete bargain and purchase it for me as part of my Christmas gift).

Can you believe that when the loathsome man returned from his shopping expedition he claimed that the cardigan was horrid, and was not worth the ticket price!!! He said it would make me look like Bet Lynch!

I am beside myself with horror. This from a man who buys his underwear in multi-packs from a chain store... What do men know about anything?

The garment is now nestling in the boot of my car as I type...naturally.


Potty Mummy said...

But surely DM - if he is happy for you to spend £500 on a cardigan, he will be happy for you spend £750 instead? I mean, once you get past £300, who's counting, anyway? I write, however, as one who has a panic attack at spending half that much... I so don't fit in around here.

Natural Blonde said...

Dulwich Mum, it is your duty to support the economy through your consumer spending and if the darling James doesn't understand this, then he should just try harder!

I, myself, have been key to the performance of the Selfridge's & Co share price for some years now..I'm hoping at some point for some sort of long service medal!

dulwichmum said...

Lovely Potty Mummy,

James clearly has no idea of the value or price of things, I have been spending his money for him for so very long now!

Oh Natural Blonde,

I am so relieved that someone else out there is as committed to the welfare of the economy as I am!

IngeniousRose said...

Darling Dulwich Mum, James has clearly taken leave of his senses and fails to see, as Natural Blond quite rightly says, that it is your (our) duty to support the economy through our spending patterns. We can hardly rely on men to do it. Since when has the purchase of chain store underwear made any great contribution to store takings? And anyway you can wear last's year's underwear but you can hardly be expected to walk around Dulwich wearing last year's fashion.

dulwichmum said...

Oh darling Ingeniousrose! (sob) You girls are such support to me (sniff)...