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Monday, 10 December 2007


James spent at least thirty minutes clowning around in the depths of his dressing room this morning, he rummaged for an age, hopped about on one leg for a time and then lay on the floor with a shoe lace threaded through the eye of the zip before eventually emerging vacuum packed into an old pair of jeans.

"They have shrunk!" he surmised.

"While they were hanging in your closet?" I laughed (he would rather eat his own head than exercise).

Later at my perfect jewel's carol service James stood woodenly down at the back of the church with the other daddies. They all wore big over coats. Situations like these make much more sense since I have gotten a little older.

Men are simply the vainest of creatures...


ALF said...

ha ha!

Found your site from djkirkby's - just stopped by to say hi!

Elsie Button said...

glad it's not just tom who's looking a bit fuller than he used to (and he also has a big long overcoat...hmmm)

mind you, i was pretty 'vacuum packed' this morning, in my jeans. but i've got the excuse of having just had a baby... a year ago...

IngeniousRose said...

Gosh Dulwich Mum, James's closest look very camp, especially his leopard skin rug. Enough said!

dulwichmum said...

Hi there Alf,

Welcome to my blog!

Lovely Elsie,

I am vacuum packed every single day in my Magic Knickers!

Darling IngeniousRose,

I know exactly what you mean so I have had it redecorated! I hate that whole camp public school boy look.

beta mum said...

This is where hashing comes in handy. For the not-so-porky partner, not for me - obviously.

dulwichmum said...

Lovely Beta Mum!

Please explain - what is "hashing?" Is it something to do with corned beef from America? I really am not very cosmopolitan at all!

Elsie Button said...

just noticed that your labels statement has changed haha (maybe that is normal here, am very unobservant) (the word 'unobservant' looks wrong - did i just make that word up? am a bit pissed)

is that seriously James's closet??

debio said...

oh, dm, what have you been posting??

Clicked on 'closet' and it's been censored!!!!

Now I'm really intrigued....I am correct in assuming the James' dressing room could be classed a offensive? Surely not!