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Friday, 14 December 2007


I am really rather emotional this evening. I want to share something. No, really I must be honest. I am genuinely being sincere this evening. This is me.

Other bloggers out there, please tell me, is this the norm?

I received an email last night on the train home (via my Blackberry) from a professional representing a West End department store. She invited me to a prestigious cocktail bar today at lunch time and she then proceeded to ply me with alcohol of the bubbly variety...(OHMYGOD, I wish I had an agent... this is like Babes in the wood!).

I was so flattered that she clearly read my blog, she even knew which tipple I can't resist! I was showered with gifts of prestigious beauty products (each costing in excess of £150 per pot, over a thousand pounds worth of products in total!!!) - and I was offered cash to blog in return!.

Does she not know who my husband is? If I profess to a love of Decleor - it is because it is genuine. I don't need cash you see. Well I do actually, but I have a supply right under my nose... If I enjoy using a particular product and I happen to mention it - it is incidental, IT IS NOT PRODUCT PLACEMENT.

I would like the world to know, I have the skin of a sixteen year old, and I owe it all to a terrific gene pool, a good diet, Eve Lom and Decleor!

They can try to turn my head, to mention another product lines if they like, but they had better be extremely confident about their efficacy before they hand them over to me to sample...

You see, if I consider the product they provide me with to be rubbish - I will most certainly say so.

I am sure that this is happening to lots of bloggers right now, please girls, lets compare experiences?


Potty Mummy said...

I should be so lucky, DM...

Retiredandcrazy said...

You should be so lucky? I have to bribe people to read my blog! No-one knows I exist, let alone what I drink! Do I sound green with envy? Nah!

IngeniousRose said...

Dulwich Mum I fear these people are after publicity, and this is the down-side (or maybe up-side?) of having a book deal. I would say enjoy their hospitality but don't promote them if you really don't like the product. I have had at least one private company trying to 'sell' me their 'product' - I'd like to name and shame but it's best not too.

Perhaps you could say on your blog that you'd like a private concert with Will Young and I'd happily stand in for you.

Frog in the Field said...

Sounds like you had a great time DM, I have to admit here that I once asked you, to my shame, to review my products, and sincerely apologise for doing so (pre blogging with you).
I have been asked to 'review' Pampers products via my Blog but declined.
It does seem a good way of promoting when doing a marketing plan, but after blogging with such excellent ladies for 9 months, I know that it is, indeed, the last thing we want to read. We can see advertising and blurb everywhere and I certainly enjoy reading about our lives and the funny things that go on. Life is funnier than fiction, let's keep it that way.

dulwichmum said...

Oh darling Potty Mummy,

I had the headache from hell in work all afternoon, and I am still suffering the aftermath of a full bottle of Krug each (at lunch time) yesterday...OHMYGOD! Be careful what you wish for!

Lovely Retiredandcrazy,

Now I don't believe that for a minute. Your blog is super and I love it.

Super Ingeniousrose,

I was under the impression that Will Young had a love of er... musical theatre. I shall ask for a private audience with Gary Barlow and you can join me if you like!

No, no dearest Frog. You didn't ever ask me to review your products. I would remember. You asked me if I had noticed your party bags, and indeed I shall order some as soon as my children ever tire of parties at Gambado - the indoor play ground(which provide them for us). You shall be hearing from me after Christmas!

Milkmaid said...

Wow sounds great, the most I get in the way of 'perks' is really fresh milk on my cornflakes every morning, oh and of course a plentiful supply of garden fertilizer, I say enjoy!!

dulwichmum said...

Lovely Milkmaid,

I must admit - it is rather tempting. But I would hate to advocate something expensive that didn't work.

debio said...

Oh dm, you really are making it big-time.

I have recently been chased around cyberspace by an underwear sales lady - much to my surprise, not least because underwear sites are censored here so she evidently slipped under the radar.

I wonder how she found me - not sure I've mentioned underwear in any of my blogs. I vet all my musings for fear of being cast adrift in the ether...

dulwichmum said...

Darling Debio,

I will swap you a pot of La Prairie if you have some nice knickers for me?

debio said...

Oh dm, I would swap my soul for a pot of La Prairie; one not-so-good owner, well used and abused, but not quite sold to the devil!