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Thursday, 25 October 2007


Tonight my mother Brenda breezed in unannounced for a quick visit following her Roman Catholic book group. She enjoys the opportunities the group affords her to snoop around other people's houses and I am sure she secretly considers it a slightly cosier version of Through the keyhole...

While I was supervising the munchkins' bath time, she donned some marigolds and began to clean out my fridge;

"I can't abide a grubby fridge," she said - she really is so very supportive (grrr). While I was still upstairs I heard her shriek with laughter, and when I eventually came down she was belittling some of my fresh chilled products.

"What in the name of God and all of his Saints and Angels is this?" she laughed. "It is just rice pudding with jam tarted up! What are you like?" she scorned.

"Oh mother, I don't care what it is as long as it keeps everyone happy," I said popping the carton of vanilla risotto with raspberry coulis back into the chiller cabinet.

I would never dream of telling her what I read the other day in The Daily Telegraph, it would break her heart. Brenda always wears a special medal containing one of Padre Pio's dried up blood flakes...nice!

Ana has been enjoying her puddings rather a lot lately, indeed her little fingers have swelled up like tiny cocktail sausages.


debio said...

Oh dm, I think you paraphrased the Catholic church doctrine;

'Oh Holy Mother of God - we don't care what we say so long as it keeps everyone delusional'.


dulwichmum said...

Sweet Debio,


Potty Mummy said...

Thank heavens that Brenda only reads the Universe...

Frog in the Field said...

Brenda cleans out your fridge??
Shirl wouldn't know rice pudding if it landed on her head, let alone a coulis!
And Ana? please tell us more about what's happening with her?

Nunhead Mum of One said...

It is yummy isn't it! How are dear sweet Ana and the munchkins enjoying half term?

georgia strait said...

I have the feeling that my daughters wouldn't care what I said if I cleaned their fridges!
Great blog, by the way....

NumberOneScumMum said...

Darling DM, parents and food are a constant source of culinary conflict. They can't help it they grew up in the war (my lovely daddy still thinks a tin of peaches is a huge treat) and did most of their going out in the 1970s when, lest we forget fruit juice was considered a "luxury starter". Just tell her the risotto with couli is rice pudding with jam from Italy where they remove the skin.

It will be all write said...

Hi there

My last hello for today, it's exhausting and mind twaddling.

I am new to this blog thing - I can write but have no technical skills what so ever. Just wanted to introduce myself.

I only have 2 measly posts but heh lifes tough : )

dulwichmum said...

Lovely Potty Mummy,

Oh the joys of The Universe!!! I see I am not alone in my despair. She also reads The Sacred Heart Messenger!

Lovely Frog,

I shall tell you all as soon as I recover from jet lag. I have just returned from a spot of shopping in New York.

Sweet Nunhead Mum of One,

You know I can't stand half term! I got out of town for a rest!

Dear Georgia,

Welcome and thank you for your comment.

Perfect Numberonescummum,

As usual, you are more than sensible!

Lovely It will be all write,

Isn't this all so exhausting. Welcome and please make yourself a cup of tea and look after yourself. Blogging is terribly hard work!