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Wednesday, 31 October 2007

New York!

Where do I begin?

I have just returned from a surprise shopping trip to New York, arranged by my darling husband to mark my (sniff) fortieth birthday (whimper...).

Actually, I had an absolute ball.

I just love New York. From now on, I shall consider Maddison Avenue to be my spiritual home. Barneys is simply the best store in the entire Universe. I once loved Brown Thomas in Dublin in a very similar way – it was opulent, cutting edge fashionably lovely, and yet intimate. Now it has become simply too large and far too “bling.”

I could blog about New York for weeks, and I probably will…

When we arrived at Heathrow, I instantly saved £300 on a handbag in duty free – and that was before I even left the country!!! James looked moved to emotion when he saw me hand over his credit card. Michael (at Barneys in Maddison Avenue) similarly caused James to display emotion, when he completely updated my make-up bag, tossing all of my current products into a nearby bin.

Apparently 'smokey eyes' are incredibly last year, and if I am to be saved from being captured in a make-up time warp (similar to Barbara Cartland), I must ensure that I keep my look constantly updated. I purchased new make-up brushes and skin care and everything!

I was instructed that a clean line of liquid black eyeliner and neutral lid colours are the way to go. A top quality mascara is a must, false lashes or extensions are just too fiddly for me, and so this super new Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara from Elizabeth Arden was purchased – it looks just amazing nestling in my make-up bag (sigh). In fact, download this voucher and get one for yourself, it really is the Winter must have. I am super thoughtful and brought back gifts for everyone (although I admit - mostly for myself).

I eventually bought about ten different types of Spanx and Crocs with warm sheep skin insides for my munchkins to wear in winter. I am always thinking of my poppets afterall.

Many of the women in New York appeared to have identical facial features, and could have passed for close family - instead of wind swept London hair, they had wind tunnel facial expressions – it should stand as a lesson to us all. Perfect (new best friend and make-up artist) Michael encouraged me to carefully observe the women of New York, and try to imagine what Princess Diana would look like today if she had not died so tragically. She would have been lifted and injected into oblivion by now he insisted!!! What a terrible thought… I have just been looking at the recent photos of Gillian Taylforth in Hello (OHMYGOD!).

Americans are so very friendly indeed, Michael even offered me his “cell number” for emergencies – I immediately hopped down from my high stool at the make-up counter and headed for the door. Open prisons and day release schemes are all very well and good, but this man had his hands on my face!!! I can see the merit in allowing prisoners to weed parks and break up stones, but I understood that they kept them tethered in chain gangs.

Large numbers of wealthy, powerful looking men were to be observed in Manhattan, walking behind their women in a very subservient way (prrr). They were pushing black Bugaboo prams with hot big pink hoods, tiny doglets stored in the parcel tray beneath the infant, both passengers (baby and dog) dressed to the nines for mummy's shopping trip.

I have decided that I am going to have a baby. I shall buy a super new pram, and I may even purchase a small dog! These accessories shall send the message to the world that my man is taken. Now all I have to do is work out a way to get James to push the pram for me around Dulwich!

Note to self: Inform Ana that I am adopting her baby. She may then return to her community in Lithuania free from the shame of single parenthood. I get to keep James’ Ana's baby, and therefore his fortune shall remain untapped by feral au pair girls!!! Hurrah.


Anonymous said...

Your post is hysterical as I when traveling to London to visit my friend Simone ALWAYS buy cosmetics in london. What a kick!
Love your blog! Cheers Ruth

dulwichmum said...

Dear Ruth,

Welcome to my blog! I thought that the women in New York looked terribly smart. I can't wait to return.


Nunhead Mum of One said...

Darling, your Note to Self is a little peturbing! Unless it's my sordid mind, fuelled by the spiritual shenanigans of last night.

But apart from that, I look forward to receiving my present (am hoping it is not small dog) and hearing more about the wind tunnel look that I really must avoid.

IngeniousRose said...

Oh Dulwich Mum I am JEALOUS, JEALOUS, JEALOUS. We have just returned from a trip to the British seaside - I kid you not!But DM did you say you were thinking of having another baby??? You must still be jet-lagged. Just think what a newborn baby would do to your beauty and make-up routine, and all your expensive clothes. The rule is never blog when drunk or jet-lagged. I've just invented it.

Potty Mummy said...

I love NY, DM - had a similar trip there last Autumn and I think my husband had similar emotional experiences to yours. It's so good for them to get in touch with their sensitive sides, don't you think? My mantra, in those situations, is 'Spend to Save'. Sounds like it's yours too.

And don't do the baby thing. It's ruinous for the boobies once you pass 35. (Both my boys were born after I hit that age - but enough self pity...)

Frog in the Field said...

I can't agree with Ingenious Rose, always Blog when drunk or jet lagged!!
Your trip sounds fab.

Pig in the Kitchen said...

ha, took inspiration from you and bought some new make-up today! it was very therapeutic...