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Thursday, 9 August 2007


I just had to share this with you, they really have used a Dulwich school in this advertisement!

In my opinion they have a cheek...

Everyone knows dulwichmums drive enormous gas guzzling four by four German cars.


Vanessa said...

It would only have been more incongruous if they'd filmed it at my son's school in Edinburgh! Mind you, to do that they'd have to have dodged in between the Landcruisers - potholes the size of mountain crevasses you know!

lady macleod said...

cheeky bastards! you many want to think about some sort of legal action, 'the outraged top ten list of Dulwich'...

Frog in the Field said...

OK, stay calm, think about it could be a lot worse, a Skoda perhaps?
Here, have this nice cup of tea with some home-made shortbread, the sugar will be good for the shock.

dulwichmum said...

Welcome Vanessa, I love that word, I shall use it often - "incongruous," indeed!

Darling Lady MacLeod,

Do you think I should take legal action? I think you are right. How ver dare they!

Perfect Frog,

Thank you so much for the cup of sweet tea. Did you make this short bread yourself?


IngeniousRose said...

Maybe this car is aimed at the lower end of the Dulwich market. I suppose they do have to drive something.

AntiScam said...

Poor Dulwich Mum,

It sounds as though you have been slurred, although, isn't your Prius a Toyota?

mutterings and meanderings said...

I think you should write to them and complain about the misrepresentation of your area.

Coming from Northumberland, I am used to seeing my area misrepresented, sigh...

Nunhead Mum of One said...

David said that it was Dulwich College - he should know, they've beaten him and his team often enough at cricket.

Is Ana still craving jellybeans and pilchards?

mcewen said...

Very unrealistic though - not the car, not the parents or the school, but that kid being silent in the back of the car!

Elsie Button said...

Well I think the Auris looked very nice. But then I own a skoda, so what do i know?

Drunk Mummy said...

Don't worry DM, everyone knows that the moment REAL Dulwich parents get in their car and start the ignition, the CD player immediately starts blaring out the times tables.

dulwichmum said...

Darling Ingenious,

I believe that even a half decent nanny will not settle for less than a jeep. Perhaps it could be the au pairs car, but never ever the parents. We shall pay the extra congestion charge with pride!

Lovely Antiscam,

I hate the damn Prius, but at least it costs about 20K.

Lovely M&M,

You know sweetie, I have complained to the advertising ombutsman and everything.

Dear Nunhead mum of one,

Ana is enormous thank God.

Sweet Mcewen,

Well spotted, I was so disgusted by the car, I never even noticed that they had clearly drugged the child!

Lovely darling Elsie,

I had no idea, I am so very sorry.

Sweet Drunk Mummy,

Exactly! The advertisement is so very badly researched. Who has a child who eats cabbage?