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Monday, 14 January 2008


Image is everything in Dulwich you know.

I love to see my darling munchkins appropriately attired, indeed I can gain a few pounds in weight over the Christmas period and still manage to splurge a small fortune on clothes when it is for my tiny poppets.

I take such pleasure in ensuring that the darlings are perfectly turned out, the social pressure to conform to the right image when browsing the boutiques of East Dulwich can be crushing!

Each Saturday afternoon, careering down North Cross Road on their scooters (for their weekly visit to Hope and Greenwood sweet shop), I ensure that the poppets look the part. The mummies of East Dulwich are incredibly eco-aware. If they are not queuing outside William Rose the butcher on Lordship Lane wearing their husbands fleeces and lugging their eco shopping bags stacked high with organic vegetables, they are reading The Guardian at the Blue Mountain CafĂ© wearing their husbands Crocs or sparring in the St Christopher's Hospice Charity Shop over a pair of children's striped acrylic tights. There is only so far that I am prepared to go to blend in…

I would hate for anyone to consider that I had inappropriately accessorized. I purchase clashing coloured T-Shirts and cargo pants for my munchkins from lovely designer Internet sites, smear them in strawberry jam and spaghetti hoops (allowing adequate time to soak), and instruct our house keeper Albena to wash the clothes on 90 degrees in order to ensure appropriate fading, shrinkage and bobbling.

Indeed, we really are quite the social chameleons! I thus manage to ensure that my family achieve the eco-trendy charity shop look to perfection. I never ever conform to this look myself though - clearly! I admit that I wear James Jeans when shopping in East Dulwich, but they are from my closet obviously - not belonging to James at all!


aims said...

Oh dear - does this have something to do with that touche eclat stuff again?

Potty Mummy said...

DM, then I have the perfect website to allow your little treasures to blend in perfectly with their charity shop dressed peers, whilst still retaining that box-fresh feel:

(you can also buy some of their stuff in Peter Jones but I know how much you hate the Kings Road...)

obb said...

If you're ever having a charity shop clear out, I don't suppose you would consider dropping them off at Brixton rather than ED? I don't think we have the same class of clothes in SW9...

Nunhead Mum of One said...

Am slowly becoming addicted to Hope and Greenwood.....not so O2 who are now on my hit list.

IngeniousRose said...

Eco-friendly Dulwich Mum?
I thought they all drove round in
4x4s? Has this changed? Have they all taken to cycling around Dulwich?

dulwichmum said...

Lovely Aims,

I suppose that so many of us consider us not to spend time on such superficial issues as our "image" but in fact - everyone has one. East Dulwich is like the conscience of Dulwich - indeed you could be assaulted on the street for daring to tote a plastic carrier bag! I suspect that they are as superficial as the rest of us!

Perfect Potty Mummy!

I adore the Kings Road! Lets meet for drinks at Oriel on Sloane Square, and thanks for the advice.

Dear Obb!

Perhaps I could just buy some clothes and get your darlings to wear them in for us?

Sweet Nunhead Mum of One,

Indeed - I cannot eat any sweeties at the moment and H&G on Saturdays is hell. The thought of it is making my mouth water!

Darling Ingenious Rose,

I was talking about visiting East Dulwich (the land of the Prius)- I live in West Dulwich (4x4 land). I like to try to shop in East Dulwich due to their wonderful shops.