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Monday, 12 November 2007

Nut Free


I am becoming the departmental Agony Aunt! I just can't bear it...

This morning my big boss's young second wife wept all over my copy of Red Magazine. Apparently when she delivered young Tyra to her smart nursery school this morning, Dannii was chastised by the head teacher who had been waiting especially to see her.

Little Tyra has been overheard using a very VERY bad word..., several times!

She has used "The N word," no less! I must be living in a parallel universe, because I could not even pretend to know what was being implied by the use of the phrase "The N word!"

"The N word" refers to the fact that Tyra said that another child was "Naughty" for pushing and shoving (very naughty behaviour if you ask me...)!!!

When did "Naughty" become a bad word? (Am I allowed to use the word "bad" anymore?) Apparently, it is no longer PC to say that something is a naughty act (please take note Super Nanny, no more Naughty Step permitted!). Now we are only permitted to say that undesirable behaviour is "not nice"!!!

There are not enough hours in the day for this type of meddling with our minds. The ice bergs are melting, children are starving, our oil reserves are depleting and yet valuable energy is being spent vilifying parents for using the word naughty!

No longer is it adequate for us to strive to ensure that our poppets avoid pesticides, allergens, sugar and salt, take their supplements and have enough immunisations to equip them to walk bare foot through the Amazon river. It is so terribly difficult to be a parent, to be one of the workers at the coal face (so to speak) enduring this constant barrage of criticism.

Now, I really must text my au pair and make sure that she gets in some organic celeriac for my poppets' supper...


Frog in the Field said...

As this post is nut free I can't say what B******s this is, it makes me really m-word to hear such unrecycleable material (rubbish) bombarding us.
Tell the child they were very naughty and give them a jolly good whipping I say!!

@themill said...

Oh, for goodness sake, somebody ought to put whoever thought up that piece of politically correct idiocy, onto the naughty step... The country is going bloody mad.

debio said...

The whole world's going crazy!

But seriously, I think it's better to be 'naughty' than 'not nice'. Being naughty does not equal being not nice.

My daughter used the 'f' word at school - greatly pressed into it over a period of time and used appropriately I thought.

I have 'failed' as a parent - and that wasn't the 'f' word which she chose to use.

Retiredandcrazy said...

i've tagged you for a meme.
stop by my blog.

lady macleod said...

OMG how ridiculous! Naughty? Are you serious? I can't even begin to get outraged about this as it is too absurd. Go have a massage dear.

dulwichmum said...

Sweet Frog,

As usual, we are of the same opinion!

Dear @ the Mill,

The country is indeed gone mad!

Lovely Debio,

Indeed, I agree "naughty" is not equal to "not nice". I think not nice is much worse.

Darling RetiredandCrazy,

Welcome to my blog. I love your meme. You are very clever. Thank you for the mention, I shall have a go...

Oh darling Lady MacLeod,

I knew I could trust you to come up with a sensible suggestion. I am off to review a spa at the weekend, I shall have a massage!