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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

One Year Old!

I am popping a bottle this evening. Tonight my little bloglet is one whole year old!!! I really feel the need to celebrate.

This night last year I had my PA Lydia start my blog for me, having read an article about blogging in a newspaper on the way home from work (Lydia is always just a phone call away, and I am a complete technophobe). I am more than delighted with the wonderful new world that blogging opened up for me.

Before blogging, I was working full-time, with two darling children to juggle and no social life at all (James is always away on business) and only sulky au pair girls for company. Now I have super blogging chums (I still miss Drunk Mummy ... sniff, and where has Rilly disappeared to of late?) like Nunhead Mum of One, Lady MacLeod, Mother at Large, Frog in the Field, Pig in the kitchen, Ingenious Rose, Elsie Button, Debio and many more ... even a natural blonde and a midwife!!!(I never!). I have even made some super groovy organic friends in East Dulwich, and had a flirtation with a superhero!

I am delighted with my shiny book deal, and my two columns, my free skin care and cosmetics and this weekend I am off to review a Spa!!!

If you haven't started a blog of your own yet - do it, it really is the best thing that ever happened to me.


NumberOneScumMum said...

Well Happy Birthday DulwichMum. Seeing as I am in the "and many more" category of your friends, I will be keeping the super present I bought you to mark the occasion for myself.
(still luv ya really)

Nic Price said...

Many happy returns :-)

DJ Kirkby said...

One year old and looking so good on it! Well done, may I have the oppourtunity to lurk in your limelight for many more years!

Mark said...

Happy Birthday Dulwich Mum, like a fine wine you're getting better with age

Nunhead Mum of One said...

aw, first in your list! Am honoured. And happy birthday xxx was it really a year ago that you told me to log in and get reading? wow!

NMO xx

Pig in the Kitchen said...

oh I am way behind the times, i didn't know about your columns! Forgive me for being so remiss. I think you can ruminate on a year well spent and feel very proud!
Happy Birthday Bloglet.
A spa review? Grreeeennn with envy!

Rob Clack said...

Wow! A year! Congratulations, DM. Well done!

debio said...

A year of achievement, methinks, dm. And a book deal!

I am singing a little ditty of Congratulations to you; will sound better after I've finished this glass of pink champagne (oh yes, it's Thursady evening here and we're de-mob happy).

Frog in the Field said...

Happy Blog Day DM.
I'm awfully honoured by be on a super blogging chum list!
I still miss Drunk Mummy too, and where IS Rilly?

dulwichmum said...

Darling NumberOneScumMum,

Indeed dear sweet friend, you were my friend anyway, you are not a blogger - you are my chum. You and I have been chums before the blog and indeed will be long after... and thank you for my perfect earings!

Lovely Mr Nic Price,

Thank you for getting mysense of humour since - well the beginning really. I would like to raise a drink to you.

Dear DJ Kirkby, you are sooo not a lurker - take centre stage. You are a star.

OHMYGOD!!! A comment from Mark! The MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE!!! You are the man who gave me back my long lost social life, I worship at your feet (worship, worship, worship).

Sweet Nunhead Mum Of One, my Lydia ... before there ever was a Lydia! I love you. We shared a petrie dish... remember?

Dear Piggy,

I can't get over the Spa Review! It is just THE poshest and most perfect Spa in the whole of London. I cannot exaggerate this in any tiny way!

Lovely Rob,

Thanks sweetie. I love it that you 'get' me!

Perfect Debio,

Air me a bed, I am on my way to you. Dulwich is just too damn small for me now! (do you think I should not have used my real name?)

Froggie dear heart. My little chocolate Liebnitz of a chum - you are so perfect and not honoured by association with me, it is sooo the other way around!

Suzanne Ashley said...

Congratulations for educating everyone in the ways of 'The Village'. Where are your columns being published? And are you going to do a local signing event for your book when it comes out in the Spring?

NumberOneScumMum said...

ohmigod! you have outed me!!! and there was me keeping your true identity a secret for a whole year.

dulwichmum said...

Sweet Suzanne,

My husband is concerned that I will turn us into the Dulwich equivalent of Peter Andre and Jordan if I do any local signings, so sadly I must remain anonymous. As you are a neighbour, feel free to pop by for a coffee and I will happily sign anything you like - I would be over the moon if someone actually bought my books, so I would probably open a pack of Bendicks Bittermints if you popped by!

Darling NumberOneScumMum,

I haven't said your name, I promise. You have not been outed - I am fiercely protective of my chums!

debio said...

Oh, dm, no book signings?! I was sooo hoping that a celebrity of real moment would hit these shores. I promise you could in no way be mistaken for the well-endowed, high profile Jordan types; class will always 'out'....

Motheratlarge said...

Many happy returns Dulwich Mum! Happy birthday to you.

IngeniousRose said...

Happy first birthday DM. It miust be nice to see a single candle on your birthday cake. Thanks for the mention. Sending bloggy hugs x