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Tuesday, 24 July 2007

High Jinks

This morning we went to Watergate Bay. Ana (the au pair) and Lydia (my PA) have been complaining bitterly of the cold - well it is the Atlantic Ocean after all, and although the munchkins seem to adore body boarding endlessly with the girls I decided to buy them both super sweet little O'Neill wetsuits from the Surf Academy to keep the tiny poppets cosy. Well I am a mother after all and their welfare is always my primary concern.

One of the lovely Polish waitresses at the hotel congratulated me at breakfast for being the head of such a close knit family. She said it made her rather homesick to see a grandma holiday with her two daughters and grandchildren...

I was strolling along the fabulous beach when I noticed a great Labrador type dog bouncing in the surf - apparently directed to do so by a number of young men. The boys had sun bleached hair the colour of sweetcorn and at least two of them sounded Antipodean. They then crept back behind some rocks and ordered the dog to go and shake himself out by some young girls who were sun bathing close by. The girls were lying face down on some towels with their bikini tops undone. The boys were a complete scream. I could not believe their outrageously funny plan - and it worked! The dog did exactly as it was ordered, and the three boys were elated by the results, dispensing each other various exotic hand shakes by way of congratulations.

I laughed out loud and thought I would die with laughter. It was like a scene from a Benny Hill Show (I would imagine). I wonder how many times they have worked that scam already this summer? I wish I was young again. Sometimes I feel such a very old bat. I am sure I am far too much like Margot from The Good Life as I pad about the resort in my super swish Kaftan's and perfect pedicures.

Oh who cares, I don't need to be young to feel good about myself. Who wants to sleep in a bag and abide in a Volkswagon Camper Van? Where would I plug in my straightening iron? I shall drink an entire bottle of Chablis tonight if I wish, hell at least I can afford it!


mutterings and meanderings said...

Some how I never visualised you like Margot ;)

Pig in the Kitchen said...

My husband rather likes Margot, so how he ended up with Barbara-esque me is a mystery. I too would like to feel young, and actually would love to sleep in a bag and live in a camper van...all on my own, curled up with my Chablis and tobacco of dubious origin. Glad to hear you're having a fab time! is the weather good?

I Beatrice said...

I don't believe for a moment those youths could have been Antipodean. Your typical Oz or NZ youth would never have been even half so subtle as that!

And do you know what - I always had a secret hankering to go wandering about the world in a camper van myself! It would never have worked of course - I'd have fled after the first night alone in some caravan park, never mind about the wilderness!

But nobody ever said you couldn't dream, did they?

The Good Woman said...

Yes, Dulwich Mum, I always ponder my youth for as long as it takes to get to the actual logistics of backpacking. And then I go for a facial...

DJ Kirkby said...

I hope you didn't tip the waitress!

gaelikaa said...

I gave birth to my youngest baby at forty and I was the oldest woman in the labour ward - I mean there I was jumping out of my labouring bed to reassure all these twentysomething mums that everything would be alright - but the aftermath when I was showing off my newlyborn son and someone asked me was I his granny was a bit of a shock. It's ageism, I tell you. Where is the law that says you can't be a mum to young kids when you're in your prime?

Rob Clack said...

Boys..wet dog..girls sunbathing. Brilliant! Wish I'd seen that! NOt that I'm a dirty old man, you understand!

debio said...

Oh, this takes me back, dulwich mum.

Misspent a lot of my youth hanging round the tanned, blond surf boys - never once tempted to follow them round the world as they followed the waves, however; the sand plays such havoc with the nail polish and hair-do!

Hope it's not too jolly cold - rarely put a pedicured foot into the Atlantic....

@themill said...

You may see my eldest somewhere in the deep SW. Have nominated you for an RGB award.

Omega Mum said...

No, not Margot - you've clearly got an excellent sense of humour. I should get a camper van - but one of the modern remakes and get them to customise it with a special Chablis fridge and a plug for the iron and then we can all go.......What about a timeshare?

dulwichmum said...

Oh M&M I am so glad you said that!

Super PITK - are you like Barbara? She was so very very pretty, good for you. I am far too much of a control freak. The weather is perfect. We have only had rain twice, and it is not too hot, but warm enough for lounging by the pool. I get my tan from a booth!

Darling I Beatrice,

Girls like us could never survive in a caravan park! Have you ever experienced the "Chemical Toilet."

Oh Good Woman! You really are a sister!!! You so make me laugh.

Lovely DJ Kirkby,

Tip the waitress? If I was not a lady I could have slapped her!

Dear Gaelikaa,

Your optimism is astounding. I could be a mother at any age so long as my husbands funds can afford to finance the help!

Lovely Rob,

I laughed much longer than I should have, it was incredibly funny.

Darling Debio,

I couldn't bear to go near the sea. I am partial to a Thalgo sea weed treatment - but you are right -the sea is dreadful for one's grooming!

Wow! @themill!!!

Thank you so much dear heart! I shall text my IT guy right now and have him load it up! You really are too kind.

Perfect Omega Mum, are you sure? If you insist we could try it out, but I am afraid we would end up looking like a couple of Bratz dolls in a Hummer! Please join me at Bedruthan, it is far more "us".

IngeniousRose said...

Dulwich Mum I must query which part of Cornwall is having this heatwave while the rest of the country soaks up the rain (quite literally.) I may cancel my holiday to the South of France and go there as it sounds absolutely lovely.

Good to hear the children are keeping up appearances in their expensive surf gear. It's important to get them into the swim of trendy beach gear at a young age! Do hope you weren't behaving like those partially clad girls though!


Blow the pedicure give me a vw camper anyday!! Gosh how civillized your life seems to my own! Ah me!! I must thank @tehmill for introducing me to your blogs!

Cherry Menlove said...

What a super post. I have to admit to being a huge fan of Margot and can imagine your kaftan being quite glorious. Loved the dog, boys & sunbathing girls tale!

Cherry Menlove xx

lady macleod said...

LOL at the story of the boys and the dog. that's brilliant.

Now darling you know those youngER women cannot hold a candle to you! They are all sighing in their cheap beer wishing for your chic and sophistication! Buy a new bag! then swish by them..

Anonymous said...

So let me be sure I understand this, your au pair and PA complained of the cold sea, so you boughtyour munchkins wet suits! Classic.

dulwichmum said...

Lovely Ingenious Rose,

You will be glad to hear that I am never ever scantily clad! If you don't believe me about the weather - please check out my photo album just to the right! I took these photos with my Blackberry, so they may not be the best quality.

Dear Un Peu loufoque,

Welcome to Dulwich. I do so hope you enjoy it. Your blog is most interesting too!

Darling Cherry,

Welcome also! You are too kind. My Kaftans are rather nice though I will admit...

Perfect Lady MacLeod,

I think you are right. I shall buy a new bag, any suggestions?

Lovely Anonymous,

If those two girls want to stay warm, they require more body fat, not wet suits...