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Monday, 2 July 2007

Lost childhood

James so wanted a chopper when he was a boy. He was indeed a much luckier boy than most - he had a pony, but all he really wanted was a bicycle just like the ones his friends had. 'Silver' his pony was stabled at home while James was away at boarding school. The boys in his class all had their bicycles at school, but James' younger brother could not master the skill of cycling a bike, and so James never received one, despite regular requests at Christmas and birthdays. He has told me this story several times with tears in his eyes - my calm unemotional man...

Just a couple of weeks ago Max learned to cycle his bicycle without stabilisers - it took him just 3 days when he set his mind to it. James promised the poppet a bicycle with gears when he could cycle unaided.

On Saturday morning, when I had just returned with my spoils from The Dulwich Trader sale James was all ready to take mini me to the bicycle shop in the middle of Dulwich Park. He had already made several fact finding trips, measured Max's inside leg and come home with a stack of brochures. Saturday was to be the final trip so that Max could choose between two models himself.

"It is not Max's birthday, it is not Christmas, he should wait for an occasion for bigger gifts like this," I tried to insist. James was deaf to my reasoning. "The munchkin will never understand the value of money if you indulge him throughout the year like this" I pleaded to no avail, while obscuring the super Lulu Guinness, shoe box from his view (at half price the heels were only £100!).

"I shall come to the bicycle shop if you buy me an ice cream from the van," bargained Max. Eventually, a crestfallen James realised that Max does not care a jot for a new bicycle, and the subject was dropped.

Max was transfixed by the television and a DVD my Monster in Law (thanks Babysteps) has sent him. He wants a pony...


mutterings and meanderings said...

yep, bike or pony? No competition. A polo-eating bundle of fun that can jump things is a much better idea ;)

But then I would say that, wouldn't I?

lady macleod said...

isn't it always the way. Poor dear hubby. why not a bicycle for him?

And yes M&M YOU would say that! but then so would I.

good deal on the shoes! description please.

I absolutely thought of you today as I went to the spa for the 1001 Arabian Nights treatment.

DJ Kirkby said...

Shoes.... oh please more about the pretty dainty shoes....I am still having to clump around in Crocs like a troll.

dulwichmum said...

Dear M&M,

I completely agree, but he should still wait until his birthday - I have cleaned out the joint account until mid-October, I so love the sales...

Lady MacLeod,

An Elemis girl - just like myself! They are very high indeed in grey and white striped silk with the most darling bow on the front. I look like something from "Annie get your gun" in them!

DJ Kirkby,

Are you on Facebook? You should see my ugly Croc selection on my facebook photo album - I completely agree with you. Grrr

antarctichousehusband said...

I'm rather shocked - I assumed all along that Max had a pony already.

Frog in the Field said...

Dear DM,
children are so fickle, we know a little girl who discovered her goldfish, dead, one morning. She blurted out "is it dead?" to her sister.
"It better be, because I'm gonna bury it" came the heartfelt reply!
The broken hearted little girl begged Daddy for new goldfish, so off they went, to the garden centre. She hummen and ha'd for some time about which fish to have, eventually settling on a bag of Pik 'n' Mix instead!!

Drunk Mummy said...

Poor James - not only has he been deprived of having a chopper like his friends, but he still can't get a decent ride now!

debio said...

A pony? In Dulwich? What would you do with all the poo? Mobile recycling machines...

I jest, of course. No contest - much greater fun than a bicycle anyday! said...

It could be worse - my sister desperately wanted a boy hamster. We bought her one but we discovered it was actually a girl hamster after it suddenly gave birth to 14 babies a week later, but my sister had lost all interest by then. We donated them back to the shop (they were horrible little things.) I think James should have a bike. I wanted a chopper but was told they were only for boys which was why they had a large padded seat!???!

dulwichmum said...

Lovely Antarctichousehusband,

I feel dreadful now. Have we deprived the boy?

Dear Frog in the Field,

You are a scream. What a funny story.

Darling Drunk Mummy,

You know this kind of exercise just doesn't have the same appeal now that it once had...

Lovely Debio,

Some children do actually have ponies, they ride them in the park. I feel a social opportunity coming on.

Oh lovely IngeniousRose,

My mother never gave me an excuse, I just never got one. When are children going to learn they cannot have everything they point at, and everything their parents point at too. Don't you just love the sales?

beta mum said...

Mike keeps buying our son bows and arrows, so he can play with them.
The most recent bow is bigger than me.
I just wish I hadn't read "We need to talk about Kevin".

lady macleod said...

the shoes sound divine. how are you listed on Facebook if one wished to find you?

Omega Mum said...

What's a man without a chopper? It's tragic. But I think horses all round would be much more your thing - riding stuff can be rather nice.....

dulwichmum said...

Dear Beta Mum,

I was enjoying that book, but then it started to make me very anxious about the children. I never finished it.

Lovely Lady MacLeod,

I am on Facebook as Bea Parry-Jones - please be my friend?

Darling Omega Mum,

The more I think about it, the more I can see it is right up my street. We could have a horse box in the drive! How cool is that?


Tooting Commuter said...

I cannot believe you kept the half price Lulu Guinness opportunity to yourself!

dulwichmum said...

Darling Tooting Commuter,

Well surely you realise I could not have the two of us wearing identical shoes in the same office. That would never do!