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Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Bad mother

I brought the munchkins to nursery school personally this morning. Freya insisted on walking so I drove the Audi Q7 with Max, while Freya walked with Ana the au pair. I had a meeting at London Bridge first thing, and needed to drive to North Dulwich Station straight from school drop off. The poppet will learn in the fullness of time that it is necessary to avoid the elements if one wishes to look remotely well groomed or attractive.

Having delivered darling Max safely to his delightful class room, I collected Freya from Ana and headed down the corridor to deliver my baby girl personally to her perfect teachers. It is so nice to catch up with all of the other mothers and hear the wonderful things that the children have been doing since I last had the opportunity to visit.

To my horror, the charming teachers informed me what a dreadful shame it was that we had been unable to attend Freya's special class assembly yesterday to witness her reading a story book to the entire nursery school! Freya is only four years old. What a terrific achievement for this tiny girl and we her parents (and our super DVD recorder) were not even there to witness and record it...

A great torrent of tears immediately sprang from my eyes. Overcome with emotion (mostly shame) I dropped my enormous hand bag and plucked my baby girl from the carpet where she had already settled down, sitting cross legged for her story time session. I cared not for my perfect Prescriptives mascara which was surely now coasting down my cheeks.

"Darling girl, I am so very sorry, Mummy let you down. I did not know it was your special assembly. I so wish I could have been there for you sweetie, to witness your special moment. You must have been crushed", I cried.

Freya struggled from my arms, gave me the most filthy look (she can do the whole 'mono brow thing' at will) and replied:

"Get a room!"

The embarrassment could have been crushing, but sometimes you just have to laugh.

"Please continue the story Mrs Tamworth, and Mummy go to work," she insisted.

I wonder where she got her dreadful phrase from? Whatever would Grandma Elizabeth say? Sometimes as a working mother, I can forget things. I must prioritise better in future, and be more vigilant with the children's diary.

I really love that tiny girl. I am sure I will eventually get over missing her special assembly. She certainly has...

Note to self: Chastise au pair and point out to her that in future she should remind me of all significant child related dates 24 hours in advance … hmph!


mutterings and meanderings said...

Oh darling, you just can't get the staff these days ...

Omega Mum said...

I think you may be underestimating your daughter. Are you sure Freya wasn't, in fact, referring to V. Woolf's great feminist tract, 'A room of one's own' - in which case, she's so terribly, terribly advanced that I see a great post-James Joycian stream of consciousness future ahead (though you, obviously, have paved the way in literary terms....).

dulwichmum said...

Darling M&M,

There is nothing to be gained from my using poor Ana as a scapegoat. She really is a darling. This is my fault, I really should employ a nanny and a housekeeper too. My husband really is a cheap skate!

Dear Omega Mum,

I really should underestimate that baby girl of mine, I know.


Drunk Mummy said...

Poor Dulwich Mum - don't you realise that its all a conspiracy by the school to make you feel like a failed mother? Clearly Freya enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame without a 'helicopter mother' presence, but you obviously should have booked a day's annual leave for it.

dulwichmum said...

Dear Drunk Mummy,

Yes indeed, why should Freya get all the glory?


rilly super said...

dear dulwichmum, you musn't beat your self up about this. Someone else will have recorded the occasion and children's school events are just like most films, it's cheaper and easier to wait untill the DVD comes out.

Pig in the Kitchen said...

I blame the nursery, why can't they send you texts to your mobile for important events? Presumably you're paying a fortune, maybe you should raise it at the next parent-teacher conference, I'm sure it would be well-received...

Fret not, there'll be loads of other assemblies you can cry at!

EmmaK said...

I agree with pig in the kitchen..did the school even send a note home about this event? If they didn't then you have nothing to feel guilty about. You can hardly expect a four year old to convey the info. As soon as I get anything from school I write it on a calendar, I guess if you know how to use one (I don't) use a palm pilot...organizing two kids is too much for me, I don't know how you work on top of it!!

Dulwich Dad said...

Hello - just thought i'd let you know that i've added your blog to my favourite blogs list

Nunhead Mum of One said...

Dear Freya, such a wag! And I don't mean in the footballing sense either. Bless her.

Do you like my new shoes?