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Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Flight of fancy

I have been sitting here this evening, missing my man and awaiting his return. I am without James far too much of late. He really is a rather lovely, terribly attractive, super considerate and handsome husband. I do love him you know.

I rummaged in the children's book bags earlier, in order to ensure I have not forgotten to answer one of the many letters or invitations the children receive daily from their nursery school. I have been so very bored this evening.

In Freya's bag I found a card addressed to James! It appears to be a "Thank you" card for my super husband from one of the other parents, how very sweet. James really is a super papa. He spent the day recently at the zoo with the nursery school. I am sure that all of the mothers were impressed by his sensitivity...

I was just checking my email to see if my lovely man sent me a message from the airport earlier today prior to catching his flight home from Barbados. No message for me, but oddly one for darling James! Well actually three for James, all from various mothers at the nursery welcoming him home to the UK - hoping he enjoyed the cricket 'holiday' in Barbados! I do hope these lovely mothers from my daughters class are not flirting with my perfect husband.

James is not particularly charismatic, he is not a fabulous conversationalist if you understand me, he is rather 'cerebral', but he does drive a sporty Aston Martin DB9 ,and he has a super job. I like to think of him as aloof with an air of authority.

It's not fair, a girl marries herself an attractive and powerful man, and before she knows it - every female on the planet with a pulse is hounding him for attention!

Whatever next?


Pig in the Kitchen said...

Ah but when he retires at Christmas he will be yours, all yours. Do you get to drive the DB9?

dulwichmum said...

I reversed the Audi A8 into a tree the week it was bought, and drove the BMW Z3 into a concrete traffic cone type thing in a car park the day that was delivered, so no, I get to drive the family tractor and the Prius - he is perhaps not that perfect afterall! But then, neither am I - clearly!

Drunk Mummy said...

Dear Dulwich Mum - beware the predatory mothers! One whiff of the DB9 and they will be all over James like an ill-fitting suit.

dulwichmum said...

In the name of God, is nothing sacred?

Writer Girl said...

They are very naughty mummies indeed!

rilly super said...

oh dulwichmum, when I read your loving description of James and his aston martin the bond between you just leaps off the page, sigh

Anonymous said...

Are you a real person?

dulwichmum said...

Dear Writer Girl,

Hurrah! My friend from Nova Scotia... Aren't they dreadful mummies?

Rilly Darling,

Can't you feel the love?

Dear Anonymous,

Isn't the answer to that question obvious?

debio said...

I sooo remember the Saturday schoolruns in the UK.
I almost always did them as I had a stay-away husband; always more interesting than the weekdays if only because of the motorised hardware on display by the once-a-week-pick-up dads.
Any mums doing the collection became different people on a Saturday - men can be soooo disruptive - but never credit these emailing sirens with even knowing what a DB9 is. School run mums - ugh!

dulwichmum said...

Dear Debio,

I don't think they care about the car either. I just think they have noticed how very perfect he is in every way! I love him (sniff) - I may be drunk though...

Omega Mum said...

Francis has an vintage Ford (out of choice...) You should see the admiring glances he scores. Fortunately they're from other middle-aged men (the non-cottaging type, one assumes). Phwoarrrr!
Omega Mum