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Monday, 7 May 2007


This is a perfect relaxing bank holiday Monday. The skies have opened and the rain has fallen in great bucket sized rain drops all over the lawn. James took the munchkins to Gambado to catch up with a couple of other school daddies for lunch and to ensure the darlings took some exercise. I spent the afternoon quietly cleaning out my make-up bag, and joy of joys I re-discovered a couple of super lip glosses and eye pencils I forgot I owned! I opened a bottle of my favourite Petite Chablis and caught up on some essential reading (Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine) while relaxing my feet in the aromatherapy foot spa.

Ana our au pair is a simple sweet Lithuanian girl. She tells me she that is from a very rural hamlet type place, and she is fascinated by British culture which is a complete contrast to her own. Ana spent the afternoon lounging in the playroom on one of the enormous Cath Kidston beanbags watching TV. She has apparently become addicted to The Jeremy Kyle Show, and is fascinated by the large blingtastic velour tracksuit wearing bleached haired women who seem to have difficulty remembering the names of the possible fathers of their multiple offspring.

Ana observed disapprovingly;

"British women love to have lots of sex, and babies for many men".

"No darling, not in Dulwich, that is more Mitchum and Wolverhampton. Anyhow, none of the women on the Jeremy Kyle show are ever married." I reassured her.

"Everyone knows you stop having sex when you are married!"

I have insisted that she stops watching day time TV, and instead immerses herself in the joys of Radio 4.


Omega Mum said...

I think you should get her to listen to the Archers - would be interesting to get her views on the Brian Aldridge/Siobhan plot line.

debio said...

Gosh! - I had forgotten all about The Archers - although it would appear from your brief reference that nothing has changed.
Is Brian not too old for this carry-on (I am assuming he's 'carrying-on' - again), even fictional?
What's happened to Jennifer?
Don't answer that - life must carry on.....