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Sunday, 3 December 2006

P is for Pomegranate

Every Sunday evening/Monday morning, we are to be found rummaging around in the toy box, searching the cupboards and turning the garage and garden shed upside down for elusive items which begin with the letter of the week for Freya...'P' this week.

P is for 'PEA' shouts Freya. We only have Waitrose Frozen Organic Garden, no good, we have no fresh, and no tinned (so 1970's don't you agree?). Max says 'Pineapple', he is not enthusiastic about it at all, we have been here before so many times. No we have no fresh, no tinned, the only shop for miles is Tesco on Croxted Road. Following a quick dash in the driving rain, we are home, still not in possession of a pineapple. Freya says she has a toy pineapple in her shopping trolley in the garage, the garage is turned over, nothing to be found. Oh dear.

'P is for Pig, Plastic Pig' says James, yes, the farm in Max's bedroom is promptly ransacked, and a plastic pig Procured. It's a bit too obvious I think. The children have lost interest by now and have started to play with some figures and a ship on the floor of Freya's room...............'Pirate'! O.K. so now we have two examples, Mummy and Daddy have almost completed their homework for this weekend, this is clearly a complete drag for the children, but we need another, something less obvious. The garage in turmoil, the kitchen contents turned out onto the floor, and there James and I sit, in disarray - my hair descending into spiral fuzz due to the earlier dash in the rain.

We open a bottle of wine - 'I suppose Pinot Grigio is no good?' I wonder. The contents of the spice and herb rack lined up onto the counter. 'POMEGRANATE SEEDS' shrieks Freya, 'I never knew what a bloody pomegranate seed was when I was a kid' points out James. 'No, and I got a satsuma, and a doll for Christmas every year.... the same one each year', I lie.

We hate doing our homework. I think we are loosing the will to live!

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