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Monday, 11 December 2006

Wasting away

I was sitting at the consultants office this evening, and I could not help but notice a copy of The Guardian had a rather tantalising article advertised on the cover. I just could not resist it - well, the place was virtually empty after all - no one could possibly see. (I would rather be caught reading anything but The Guardian. It is too socially and morally aware for me, quite unbelievable that I should be caught reading that - one step too far in my pursuit of the 'right' image. So right, it is quite wrong - if you see what I mean).

Anyhow, the article was about the American stylist to the 'super skinnies' - Rachel Zoe. Apparently, she encourages her celebrities to wear over sized sunglasses that make them look thin - whats not to love? Zoe says, they render the face almost sunken! Further, she advocates the use of huge extra large colourful designer handbags - particularly Balenciaga's Lariat, to accentuate frail 'twig like' arms emphasising skinniness. Balenciaga is just a tad too 'WAG' for me, I will stick to Marc Jacobs or Prada.

The thing is, my consultant subsequently informed me that he can 'zap' my gall stones with a lazer thingy as a day case, 'as quick as you like'. I have shed a stone in the last two weeks, so I shall schedule my 'procedure' for some time mid-February 2007!

I have put an enormous new handbag on my Christmas list, and I am off in to Fenwick after work next week to purchase the shades. James has suggested that the bigger the bag I carry, the more I will find to store in it, thus ensuring I develop the biceps of a 'prop forward' (what in the name of God is that??). Whatever, it is just a chance I will have to take.

Oh the joys of being slim!

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