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Thursday, 14 December 2006

Grocery Shopping

I just love lazy Sunday afternoons wandering around Sainsbury's in Dog Kennel Hill. James does the whole birthday party thing avec les enfants, and I buy organic vegetables, cartons of 'Innocent' smoothie (the kids hate that muck but it looks virtuous in the trolley), nice cuts of meat from the butcher counter (no, I can't be bothered queuing in the rain all afternoon outside William Rose in Lordship lane with all those ruddy faced women wearing fleeces - they don't even accept plastic!!!!). We do our serious grocery shopping on Ocado.

The only real reason to feign the need for a supermarket shop for me though, is to sink into the deep aubergine velvet armchairs in Starbucks, with a Vente Latte and a nice slice of blueberry cheesecake.....pure pleasure!

My weekends are suddenly without focus, I did the whole supermarket scoot last week, and when I eventually made my way into Starbucks (copy of 'Elle Deco' tucked under my arm) - I realised I could not order my usual milky drink or even my confectionery! My heart in my boots - I had a cup of black tea. Just not the same..... pointless.

I can't have milk or fat until I have my gall stones zapped. I look fabulous - but I feel dreadful. This is just the price I have to pay.

I now choose laziness over gluttony as my sin of choice. On Sunday afternoons, I now email my shopping list to Ocado. Without Starbucks, Sainsbury's has lost its lustre.

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