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Wednesday, 13 December 2006


I received a note from Freya's teacher yesterday. It was tucked into an envelope in her school bag from her teacher - informing me of the toys she had requested from Santa when he visited the nursery on the last day of term. I have been plagued for weeks by her constant requests for a 'life size' Fimbo, (from the Fimbles TV show) - yet the toy was not mentioned on this list from her teacher.

'Why did you tell Fimbo when we were in the toy shop last week, that Santa was bringing him to our house on Christmas eve?', I asked.

Freya replied;

'I just told him that so that he would not make a fuss when I had to leave!'

My word! She has knowledge beyond her three and a half years. She really does sound like me. I am a bad mother for sure, I should not go to work. I should be at home painting my nails.

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