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Saturday, 9 December 2006

Nativity Play

DVD? Group photo? Individual photo? Class photo? My word, the children must feel like celebrities. I was so cynical. We have so many photo's already.......

But then we went to see them this morning, in the nativity play, and they were just darlings! All of them, so serious, waiting for their turn. Ahhhhhh!

Mary was slightly overcome with emotion (it must have been the thought of being a single parent in biblical times - she was completely in character) what a sweetheart. Lovely Mrs Tamworth saved the day and sat with Daisy on her knee on stage. I would love to be a kind person, and to have a constant supply of patience, just like her. The shepherds were sweet, oh, and the little donkey - he was so cute, I could have taken him home. My lovely boy Max sang tunefully, and Freya........ well, she was an absolute star. But I am biased, and so I should be - because I am their mother.

I loved the part where Joseph tossed the new baby Jesus into the manger (wicker magazine rack). He sang on alone courageously, and stood tall on the stage like a big brave boy - he is only just four years old.

It was a triumph - that perfect play. I love this school and all the lovely teachers. They do their job with genuine care, love and dedication. I want my little girl to go there until she is 18. Why can't she stay? It is not fair that they throw the girls out after two years. I promise to keep her away from the liquid soap dispenser in the future.

I'll have the DVD, the group photo, the individual photo's and the class photo's. Three of each actually, one for each set of grandparents, and one for us. Sigh.....

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nunhead mum of one said...

An excellent play - did you see my Mackenzie excel himself during Away in a Manger? So proud of my boy! They had sold out of the DVDs by the time I got there, can I borrow yours please? See you by the school gates.