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Sunday, 31 December 2006

New Year Celebrations

It seems like only yesterday - we moved to this wonderful home. We have been a full six years here. I will miss this house terribly. I have lived in Dulwich since 1988, but this is the first marital home we bought together (sniff). We started our family here, and brought both of our tiny babies home from The Portland to this wonderful abode. This home holds such special memories for both of us.

Yes there were teething problems,..... some of our neighbours - they were a bit 'different' I seem to recall - a little 'keen' to be chums. 'Velcro neighbours' was the expression that James used. Some were lovely,and will continue to be firm friends, - we love Katie and Tom, but others?, well....

James had just accepted delivery of a new Audi TT Coupe earlier in the week. We were child free, and had considered a jaunt in the new car to visit some chums at their place on the coast, but I insisted we accept our neighbours kind offer to join them for New Years Eve drinks. I had been spending a lot of time that year at the gym I seem to remember, and having San Tropez tan treatments at Fenwick, and also having foil hi lights woven through my honey locks. I hadn't been at the house much in the evenings after work, we hadn't taken the opportunity to get to know everyone.

We had a pair of ever smiling neighbours (about ten years older) living opposite. They were always there, like two Cheshire cats (the Velcro's) - waving/beckoning through their lounge window. On more than one occasion, James and I had sunk simultaneously to our knees in the living room, upon the realisation that they were standing in the room opposite - for fear of yet another invitation to drinks. Nothing seemed to obscure their view, even the thick Pampas grass growing in their front garden.

Well they were having a New Years 'do', and over we went. It was all going quite well, (the bubbly was free flowing) until Mr Velcro produced a large glass bowl, and tossed in his car keys - insisting that everyone else copied for a 'lucky dip type swap' - I think that's what he called it..... Well, James was having none of it, - we didn't know these people well enough to let them borrow our cars! We had no idea of their driving insurance details, or even if they were over the limit. James announced authoritatively;

'A rusty old Mercedes would not provide me with nearly enough power for the kind of manoeuvres we enjoy',

or something like that anyway, and took my hand dramatically and led me from the house. I thought that was rather hurtful (yet masterful) of him, Mrs Velcro started to weep - I felt bad for her, she was clearly quite proud of her old banger.

We haven't had anything to do with them since. It will be good to move on now, it has all been rather awkward with these neighbours since.

Happy New Year to one and all.

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