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Thursday, 28 December 2006

Air Travel

On the first day of term last year, I stood next to two terribly upmarket school run mums (Nathalie and Usha) who initiated a conversation with me, about the joys of having a second home 'en France'. I had nothing to contribute to the conversation as I have no personal experience of this issue (as yet).

Nathalie explained that Europe had virtually been brought into her front garden due the progressive work of Saint Helios, or whatever the Easyjet man is called.

'It costs pennies for us to virtually commute each weekend' - sang Nathalie.

'Really? We don't fly commercially', replied Usha.

Wow, that stopped Nathalie in her tracks. She almost swallowed her teeth with horror.

Usha has only recently explained to me that her huge hint at luxury travel was deliberately misleading, - she couldn't help but send Nathalie up! She has a wonderful sense of humour. She is terrifying in her ability to think on her feet, I will be careful not to get on her bad side. Thank the Lord she is a friend!

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