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Saturday, 3 May 2008

Make Story-time Special

The lovely people over at Fairy have sent me this super widget (to the right) which provides practical tips to encourage our little ones to read. As a conscientious mother (sigh), this is clearly a subject about which I am passionate.

The tips to "make story time special" really are super practical. I should like to add one extra tip of my own to the list - which to be honest, is a bit obvious I feel, but needs hi-lighting nevertheless. My tip would be;

"Be sure to engage an au pair with excellent written and spoken English."

The au pair will obviously be the one reading to ones progeny. I have found that a big boned Dutch or Swedish girl (if you can bear it) can be best - as their conversational English is usually faultless. Although I think it only fair to mention at this point that Swedish girls have a reputation for engaging in noisy and athletic sex, and this can lead to all manner of unpleasant issues in the family home, not least of which is rekindling ones husbands interest in pleasures of the flesh. He could begin to feel left out, and us girls need our beauty sleep after all!

Along with a super Kipper books give away, there is a sweet creative writing competition on the Fairy site too, and my darling Max has been working on his very own entry this morning! He has penned a story of Kipper, Arnold and his friend Tiger and their trip to Little Pilates! Tiger sustains a minor injury by over exerting a key muscle group and ends up having to seek the support of a Reiki Healer. It really is the most darling tale.

Isn't being a mother the most satisfying role in the world?


aims said...

I don't know but my cat thinks I'm pretty special...although she hasn't written anything lately that I know of.

dulwichmum said...

Darling Aims,

Your cat emailed me earlier, she asked me to forward her manuscript to my agent - and I naturally obliged!


Kelly said...

I am only days away from finding out DM....

dulwichmum said...

Oh Kelly darling,

I am so very excited for you. You look so bonnie in your Facebook photo. We must meet up for coffee!

Great big Veg Challenge said...

Hiring an evening story teller is all the rage in Holland Park. Its as essential as the dog-walker.