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Friday, 2 February 2007

Beluga and Krug

Before we were married, James and I went to Buenos Aires for a week on one of his lovely business trips. We had the most amazing time, shopping on Calle Florida, site seeing, eating out (James adored the beef), staying up late in a 'Tango' club (Tango is just sooooo sexy), visiting the opera, and taking polo lessons. It was just the best 'mini break' ever! I must admit I was puzzled as to how James - a simple 'salesman' for Comet could be sent on such ostentatious business trips. I decided that he must be lying about his job, he must in fact be a spy I thought - or a drug dealer....

On our return journey we had a spectacular meal in the first class cabin on British Airways. We had Beluga caviar and two bottles of Krug champagne - I was more than a little drunk. I remember the white linen duvet cover and pillow slips and the lovely cotton pyjamas. It was the most opulent amazing journey. I still have the Anya Hindmarsh wash bag, and tiny sizes of Philosophy products.

The first thing James bought me when we moved to this house were my two Persian kitties - Beluga and Krug, to remind us of the trip. When the children were born, our priorities changed dramatically. Soon Max will be old enough to go to Winchester - (I think boys must be seven?) then Freya will be off too, and then we can have the house back to ourselves again, and sanity will return.

Soon, very soon. Calm will prevail, and it will be just James, the kitties and I. Hurrah! We will dispense with the sullen Au-pairs, and our home will be our own again. Don't you find me refreshingly shallow?

I wonder if some clever under wiring would help? Pass the gin.......


nunhead mum of one said...

I want an au-pair! Are they cost effective?

dulwichmum said...