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Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Missing Cat

This morning once again, all down Croxted Road, little posters had been tacked up onto trees. Some poor exhausted parent had been up at the crack of dawn, scanning, cutting and pasting, copying and pinning up the little posters up for all to see. The orange paper flickered in the breeze like tiny flames throughout West Dulwich.

An unfortunate local family have lost their beloved cat - 'Slinky Malinky'. The notice, complete with a photo of an enormous multi coloured bagpus of a cat in a little child's arms made my heart sink. The child's face had been obscured, but the description of how Slinky Malinky had been lost, and the description of the resulting distress to the three little children made me want to rush home to search in our garage, and shed.

I didn’t dash home, clearly - I had to get to work. I texted the au pair, as it was starting to rain, and my bus was coming. I do hope that Ana understands what I have asked her to do, and follows my instructions to the letter. My heart sank in my (beautiful new black LK Bennett) boots as I made my way to work.

My darling cat has gone to live with Grandma Elizabeth in Wales. He has been bringing me home 'special gifts' gifts, and frightening the life out of Ana, when he releases them into the house. Tiny pretty field mice, frogs and birds. Not just little birds. Krug tried to bring an enormous magpie through the cat flap the other night – we thought that a gang of drug infused hoodies were tearing down the door.

Little Krug has the courage of a lion, he reminds me of Freya. He sets his mind to something, and he will dig his nails in and hang on for dear life until he gets what he wants. That poor family, I hope they find their pet. There can be nothing worse than when the children are distressed.

James was determined to banish poor Krug from our house, since puss vandalised the roof of the soft top sports car. Krug is a feisty little beast. I expect he will turn up in London again soon, no-one pushes my cat around!


Anonymous said...

Ah, the missing pets... our little Lily remains so traumatised by the "Ronnie is missing" dog posters recently on Court Lane that she came home and made several herself to post all over our house, AS IF we had something to do with the missing dog or could somehow solve it.

dulwichmum said...

Isn't it dreadful? I wish they would stick up posters to say they found their little pets. I feel bad every time I think about it.

Anonymous said...

I have cats. Three of them. You are welcome to any or all of the little buggers!
Now I know that sounds harsh and quite unnecessary for this time on a Friday morning but squirrels, dismembered on the kitchen floor are NOT what I like to find when I wander down to assemble my first shot of caffeine for the day. I prefer the adrenaline hit of good old fashioned caffeine to clearing up rodent corpses any day.
If any of those furry rat catchers (oh yes they've been there too) brings any more wild life in for questioning then they are going to stay - permanently - with aunty Celia Hammond! Now that’s a threat to scare any self respecting mog!

Anonymous said...

LK Bennets boots yes i actually have a pair...yes I do...and they are fabulous beyond belief....primarily because I get to stomp my way to the tube station and people move out of my way because I stomp so hard....and that's why LK Bennet boots rule they do...