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Sunday, 18 February 2007

Soft Top

You know it is all very well having a soft top car. James had a BMW Z3M for a while. It was rather sporty, but much too hot in the sunshine, too breezy in the cold and it did dreadful things to my hair. I remember we played that Mongo Jerry track a lot - 'In the summertime'.

Oh, we did have fun with that little car for a while, but eventually it was more trouble than it was worth. My darling husband was attracting rather too much female attention for my liking.......

My sweet kitty cat decided that the best place to perch was on the soft fabric roof. Krug is a white Persian with a luxurious long fur coat. He always left a little fluffy circle on the fabric in the spot where he had been sitting. He looked like a little Russian hat when he was sleeping. This really upset James, because his toy car was the Bond car at that time, and puss was rather cramping his style - bless. James would be there each morning with his 'lint roller' from the dry cleaners, in an endeavour to remove the evidence.

Soon, when Krug was not even on the roof of the car (not often), there was a deepening fluffy mark as evidence of where he liked to spend his time. James eventually fell out with Krug, when he began to stretch on the roof of his car, regularly digging in his talons and ripping the roof loudly. James had the cheek to suggest (rather aggressively) that my darling cat 'had to go'!

Krug continues to be a valued member of our family, as does James. The car came and went as car's do. It is most important to get ones priorities right, don't you think?

I mean, where would you choose to perch of an evening if you were my cat?

The 'dry' cat food never left a single mark on the fabric. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?

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