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Saturday, 3 February 2007


I will always celebrate my children's success', and help them to accept their failures. It is a difficult day in Dulwich for many people, the offer letters are out this morning from School 1, and School 2.

Considering the fact that Freya practically told the staff at School 2 during her second assessment that her parents are alcoholics, and took several attempts at School 1's second interview due to failure to get her inside the door - she has been offered a place at both of our preferred schools!

We are more than proud.

We danced around the house this morning with delight and are off to see Flushed Away in the cinema to celebrate. We shall not be expressing our delight at the school gates. We never anticipated this success. We will be 'quietly proud'. All of the little girls in Freya's school are perfectly capable bright little bunnies, like all of the little girls everywhere. How these schools can hope to assess one over the other (at age three and a half) is quite unbelievable.

She is our star today. Freya says she is:

'certainly not going to 'Jallaps', I am staying with Mrs Tamworth in DCPS'.

But now we understand - Freya like her mother, can be bribed!


nunhead mum of one said...

well done Freya.....proud of our wonderful girl x your Nunhead friends

dulwichmum said...

Thank you so much sweetie, we are really proud and relieved. Medical school here she comes......

Anonymous said...

Congradulations on the offers!!

Only stumbled across your blog in a google search - I wanted to see what others are saying about Alleyn's schools! My daughter just got accepted at JAPS, but unfortunately not at Alleyns.....guess I wanted to know what I would be letting her in for! (with dulwich infants a possiblity as well as Rosemead (slightly closer) will be a tough few days).


PS medical school?? A great experience it might be but the profession isnt what it once was...

dulwichmum said...

Congratulations on your daughter's offer also. I may see you at the school gates!