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Friday, 9 February 2007


My name is mud......

It was all over the school this morning that Freya's 'ditsy' mother has chosen School 2, purely on the grounds that they have rabbits! These people have too much time on their hands to criticize others if you ask me.

Max came home from a play date tonight with tales of how enormous his little friends' house is:

'It's much bigger than ours mummy', he said.

I glared at James in an accusatory manner.

'Tom's house has so many bedrooms that his parents do not have to share!'

Children are soaking it all in at this age, they notice everything, and understand the significance of nothing. Parents can have no secrets. Max made us laugh. Who are the worse gossips do you suppose? These children of ours or their parents?

All bribes have been refused, the decision has finally been made, and the deposit paid to School 2. Surely nothing could be any worse than the ordeal we just endured, the barbaric school selection process for independent pre-prep school?


Anonymous said...

well now there's the whole school process!! homework to do, handwriting to feign, etc. ...its a steep learning curve and a long road ahead...for us i mean!!

dulwichmum said...


Surely we do not have to forge their handwriting for them too?

Hell, not to worry, what are we employing the au pair for? I must admit I am not looking forward to the homework.