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Thursday, 8 February 2007


This morning, the snow was thick on the ground. In Lambeth, the gritters had been out and ensured that all of the roads were clear and bustling with traffic. I live in Southwark however, and so I was up to my ankles in slush. This is a small price to pay, to ensure that we are a good enough distance from Brixton.

I decided to catch the train from West Dulwich for a change, and so I encountered Lawrence - a father from the children's school, who I do not usually get the opportunity to converse with.

'I hear congratulations are in order', he roared.

How on earth did he find out? I feel as though I am walking through Dulwich with a street sign on my head.

'Good old Freya', he continued.

'You are accepting (School 1) obviously', he continued.

'Why so?' I enquired... (He surely is not aware of Freya's strong views on the subject).

School 1 'is the most selective school around, isn't it?' he asked.

'270 children assessed and they only offer 8 places to the girls. Isn't that so?No-one would ever dare to turn down (School 1). Have you met the head master? An intimidating fellow', he continued.

'Well I like (School 2)'. I said.

Lawrence bellowed out a hearty laugh.

'You are surely not telling me you are going to choose School 2 over School 1?, he mocked.

'Why so?'

'They have rabbits, Freya likes rabbits', I said.

He laughed at me:

'Does your husband know this? Smart fellow he is, isn't he? Read engineering, I seem, to remember. I am sure he will set you straight.'

'Freya is just a child, she likes rabbits', I explained. 'We can't go wrong with either choice now surely, it is six of one and half a dozen of the other, and she likes rabbits', I began to justify myself in the manner of a little child.

Wait just a minute here, I don't have to explain myself to this PLONKER. Just because I am wearing a furry hat, it does not mean I am an air head. I want us to decide on the school, based on the needs of our baby, but now I am feeling petulant, and anxious. Freya does not even know about the rabbits yet, I just thought that School 2 seemed more fun.

How very dare he..........

Oh dear. We shall choose School 2 now, just because we can, and because mummy hates to be told what to do, we choose for Freya to have a childhood.

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