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Monday, 12 February 2007


James took the children to Dulwich Park on Sunday afternoon. It was a joy to watch. I waved from the drawing room window, and then went to surf on the internet and chat to a chum on the telephone.

When they returned, James was vexed. Apparently he was standing in the playground, close to the swinging tyre, watching as our darlings climbed on a revolving rope frame thingy. Two young girls (under ten years old), climbed on the swinging tyre and began to shout at James:

'Push us, push us now', they demanded.

Repeatedly, they shouted louder and louder as James looked on in disgust. No one ever dares to raise their voice to my smiling husband. James is, after all, terribly powerful.........

Apparently the children's mother eventually turned up and said to the pair of feral girls: (No, not 'say please') -

'This is not your father. Do not speak to strangers in this manner. Girls, really, you only speak to your parents like that.'

NOT in our house - sweetie. Not in our family. What are you setting yourself up for? These people are clearly not Dulwich. Sometimes I think we live too close to SE15.


Nunhead Mum of One said...

and what, pray, is wrong with SE15? It's Nunhead (admittedly too close to Peckham for my liking) but close enough to East Dulwich to make me feel quite rural and chipper. Honestly dear one, sometimes I despair!

dulwichmum said...

Dear Heart,

I know I rather lost the run of myself there - but clearly I was referring to Peckham - never Nunhead darling.

Honastly, sometimes I can be pure nasty. Do you think I could be pre-menopausal? Lets meet up for a coffee. I simply must see your darling baby.

An un-yummy SE22 mummy! said...

Sorry Dulwich mum but those kids sound very Dulwich to me!!

dulwichmum said...

Yes, you are probably right. I was having a good day when I wrote that.