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Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Because I said so...

I really hated that expression as a child, it was one of my mothers favourites - or so it seemed. It really was quite an antagonistic expression,and it always seemed to herald an argument. On reflection, it always made me feel powerless and frustrated.

I heard myself say (well, screech would be more accurate) 'because I said so' today, to my pair of doe eyed darlings, in my mothers accent! It came out without thinking. James was horrified, but not nearly as much as I was. I am turning into my mother....

All my recent good work undone.

I have decided that I will never use that expression again. It seemed to be the quickest way out of a tight spot at the time, but it is not the 'right' way, according to my parenting class. I shall try to be a better parent, and endeavour to explain why I make the decisions I do to the children. I shall try to involve them in choices.

In future I will explain to them in hushed but confident tones, why they should not do something which I consider to be dangerous or inappropriate.

'It is not kind to God's lovely creatures', I shall explain gently.

It is only when they blindly ignore me and continue with what they were doing, despite my explanations and pleas to their better nature, and take my lovely cats onto the trampoline with them that I will snap....

They will continue, and I will snap - you can count on it. I am becoming my mother...

Now, what does it say about that situation in 'The Parenting Puzzle' manual?

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