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Tuesday, 3 April 2007

I feel good!

I feel really happy this evening, and I would like to share that feeling. For that reason I would like to encourage you to click on the link below, and please remember that youtube is not just for the young people...

Isn't Gary Barlow simply a darling!

Take That

Have a good evening.


AntiScam said...

Dear Dulwichmum,

I am not really convinced that I can share your passion on this occasion, but I am glad that you are happy.

antarctichousehusband said...

Dearest DM, I'm afraid I'm with Antiscam on this one. Here's what's currently on my iPod for visits to that happy, shiny place...

Keef said...

DM, I too have to say that I'm not a huge fan, but I am very glad that you're feeling happy!

Now, as it's almost Easter, and lent is drawing to a close, why don't you Take That and party! (sorry, that's really cheesy)!!! ;o)

dulwichmum said...

Oh boys, I am so pleased that you can share the things that bring me pleasure!