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Saturday, 21 April 2007

Seven Colours

I have had the most marvelous sunny squiffy day in London. Isn't it just the best place to live? I just love Fenwick, all of Bond Street, Jo Malone, South Molton Street, and the personal shopping service at Selfridges. My feet are killing me, and my fingers ache from carrying shopping bags, but what a day...

This afternoon Devi and I took Pret a Portea at the hotel, it was simply superb.

I feel the old me beginning to re-surface. I even had a make-over with the lovely girls at the Bobbi Bown counter in Fenwick.

Devi is the original - "I shall take a pair in my size in every colour" girl. When the shop assistant replied; "But madam, we have seven colours," - Devi curtly replied "and?"

I would simply hate to let James down in her company. Manek owns most of Mumbai, so I had to spend a fortune just to keep up!

NOTE TO SELF: Best never to go shopping again with Devi unless completely sober.


AntiScam said...

Dear DM,

Are you sure that James would want you to be so protective of his reputation as a man of means?

christopher said...

Darling, have you been to penhaligon's they sell the most glorious toiletries and wax candles.

from Xander

dulwichmum said...

Sweet Antiscam,

No, I am not sure that he would actually, but I decided to take a chance and see how it went. It looks like I got away with it too!

Dear Mr Zander,

I haven't popped in there for years - I shall make it my business to pop in for a browse when I am next in town. I remember their perfect bath oils very fondly...