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Wednesday, 4 April 2007


Travelling on the Number 3 Bus on Sunday morning with my darling baby girl, was truly a terrifying experience. As the bus coasted through Brixton, sweet Freya commented loudly that the blue of the seats and upholstery reminded her of her favourite restaurant.

"This blue Mummy", the tot exclaimed, "it is the same blue as the sign outside Carluccio's on Russel Square" (you think I am joking now, I am not!).

"Mummy can we have lunch at Carluccio's in Fenwick? I so love Carluccio's. I love Italian food, real Italian food, I so miss Ella our Sardinian au pair. She was such a good cook".

This little one is far too bright for her own good. We were on the way into town to spend some of her birthday money - she was just four years old the day before.

We were surrounded by velour Juicy Couture tracksuit wearing killer Chavs, looking at us for all intents and purposes as though they were going to stone us to death with their gold tooth fillings. My baby was laughing in the face of danger. I wasn't...

This is the only occasion where I have wished that my munchkin would articulate a love for McDonald's! As we travelled across Lambeth Bridge, Freya announced:

"Mummy look, the London Eye" .

I could not help myself, and under my breath I referred to my darling baby as "The London Mouth". She collapsed in a fit of giggles. I just love it that she now understands sarcasm - the lowest form of wit. My wit.

Later, safely in Hamleys, Freya quickly found an enormous display of Ziggle "Movers and Shakers" vibrating cuddly toys.

"Don't let your daughter near them," hissed a well dressed exhausted looking mother standing close by.

"My daughter has been sitting on hers for the last three weeks"...

"Yes, indeed," I agreed,

"I can see, it could give a girl unrealistic expectations of married love".

I so enjoy shopping with my baby girl, we are more like sisters!...


LonelyLawyer said...

Oh DM! I thought a working mother/juggler like yourself would be a feminist, in which case why not let DF (that's darling freya) have high expectations for her future? Perhaps I am missing the point and that's why I am childless and don't have a boyfriend. I'm 39. What do you think DM? Should I give up work and take up baking? Or is it just too damned late?

dulwichmum said...

Darling Lonelylawyer,

Whatever you do, don't buy a Ziggle or anything remotely similar - or you will never bother with a man again (I am told!). One other point worth making - only give up work and take up baking if you have no children and a man to support you - go straight back to work and get a live-in nanny when any darling babies are born... they are just too much like hard work!

AntiScam said...

But Sweet DM,

What are you saying?

Nunhead Mum of One said...

Dear Freya - just like you when you were her mother like daughter x

Scruffy Mummy said...

Lonely Lawyer - don't despair - I believe DM is a feminist at heart and I reckon Freyda in her teenage years will turn up at Reclaim the Night Demos in Central London (after which she will retreat to Carluccio's for a nice glass of wine! see folks - we can have it all!)

Babysteps said...

I've never heard of a Ziggle. But I think I want one.

Drunk Mummy said...

Who needs a Ziggle? Ladies, just have a glug of your favourite vino, then sit on top of the washing machine when its on full spin. Hey presto! You have all the elements of a great night out condensed into 10 minutes (if you are high maintenance and require a meal for your perfect night out, then add a bag of crisps). In addition, the washing gets done - how about that for multi-tasking!

dulwichmum said...

Dear Drunk Mummy,

You really are a scream! It seems like it is appliances all around then!