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Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Play time

Yesterday the munchkins begged me to take them to the "Gambado" indoor soft play centre in Beckenham for a jump about. The weather was amazing and it seemed positively sinful to waste the sunshine, but I dutifully took them (avec l'au pair naturellement) to their desired play time destination.

It is indeed wonderful exercise for them on the enormous play frame and the little darlings are always so absorbed in their activities that I actually get to read a book or newspaper. I took along my unread copy of The Sunday Times from the day before and settled in with a large latte.

There was a terribly interesting article about children taking a gap year before university. The article described the merits of such a break and described how it can improve their relationship with parents and siblings, empowering them with a newly found sense of independence and self respect.

I wonder how soon young Max and Freya can take a gap year? I suppose a year off school travelling the world independently with the au pair is out of the question (for them) before they progresses up to the pre-prep from nursery? I would love to take a gap year myself...parenting is simply exhausting work!

Every mummy in Gambado seemed to be wafting about in those smocky mini dress type affairs, combined with leggings, functional shoes and enormous plastic jewellery - thus ensuring that they looked like the cast from "The last of the summer wine". It really is not a good look. Perhaps on skinny girls under twenty, but never on portly post partum women in their mid to late thirties!

My big boy Max was soon careering about in the bumper cars with his (for once) complaint, waving and delighted baby sister by his side, when that energising track by Good Charlotte - “Girls don’t like boys, Girls like cars and money” was played on the sound system. Sometimes the lyrics of a song can be so profound and really strike a cord - don't you find?

I smiled to myself admiring my sons super advanced driving skills. It will not be long before we can buy the darling a Mini Cooper. He will be such a hit with the girls - I shall see to that!


Foxy Minx said...

Oh DulwichMum
You write with such closeness to my heart.
My second born is on the obligatory gap year as we speak. Terrorising the poor indiginous peoples of the islands of Thailand, thence on to Malasia, Oz and NZ. These places must be full to over flowing with 19 year old spotty pre university UK nationals. When first born went he was forever bumping into someone he knew from school!
And as for the new fashion for maternity wear when not! Ugh! They even make third born (skinny 16 year old girl) look great with child. And talking of over sized plastic jewellery...what about those ghastly over sized plastic shoe clog things. So not attractive.
Do I sound like my mother yet?
I'm perilously close.

rilly super said...

never quite understood this gap year in australia lark, still got that to come, because doesn't the number of australians who've come here to live make one think about whether it's really worth the trip out? I suppose that's why it always looks so empty over there in films. It must be attractive to UK youngsters to get away from the old familiar culture of home, especially if they live in Earls Court, and go to Melbourne or Sydney to meet people they don't normally mix with, like other londoners

dulwichmum said...

Oh girls, I must admit, I am quite desperate for a gap year myself...