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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

New Love

My baby boy has lost his heart!

This is not the first time my little Max has been in love. In the past, he declared his love for Polly, a full year his senior. Max was completely in awe of the sweet darling, but the relationship floundered when she had the stabilizers removed from her bicycle last summer and cycled off into the distance without him. Although Polly came from a suitable family, men like to be authoritative, knowledgeable and in charge, so Max naturally cooled the relationship.

Now it is spring once more, and a young man's thoughts naturally turn to love. Max has fallen for the charms of little Saskia, a full year younger than he, in Freya's class at the nursery.

"She has pretty sparkly eyes and she says her Barbie has a car" - he gushed. "I want her to be my wife!" Diddums!

This afternoon Saskia is having a special fairy tea for her birthday. The three little girls from her class have been invited, no boys. Freya danced about with glee this morning, she goaded Max, describing the delights of Saskia's Barbie collection (my boy is fascinated by Barbie). Freya knows already exactly which buttons to press...

I telephoned Saskia's lovely mother Imogen this morning and she immediately invited Max to join the girls. I have arranged to take a half day off work, will collect him personally from nursery and take Max to join the party.

Freya left for school this morning full of anticipation of the afternoons celebrations. She was wearing her wings, a wand and special floaty skirt - going straight to Saskia's house from school with the other little girls. I dashed home from work early this afternoon, to make Max a set of special boy pixie wings before collecting him.

It is spring after all, I don't want my precious boy to have a broken heart. I am not looking forward to their teenage years. There really is nothing I would not do for the children. I genuinely have no pride at at all when it comes to my little ones.


Imogen said...

Dear Dulwich Mum,
I read your post after you left this evening and feel I must warn you that my daughter Saskia has already called off one engagement to a little boy in Max's year - she merely told him 'I can't marry you. I just can't'. He has since turned his attention to another young lady who is immaculately turned out every morning in child couture. Although Saskia is currently enjoying the attentions of another boy, she is indeed single, shall have a decent dowry and will be taught to cook in due course. Regards Imogen. x x

Drunk Mummy said...

Just make sure you have a few photos of him in those 'boy pixie wings' then if he forms any unsuitable attachments in his teenage years, you can slip a copy to the girl in question. That should be enough to keep her away from your precious boy.

dulwichmum said...

Dear Imogen,

I am sure you are aware of my aspirations for this perfect boy of mine. I can guarantee you that Saskia will want for nothing.

I assume Saskia still uses stabilizers on her bicycle?

Sweet Drunk Mummy,

You really are a clever lady - thanks for the tip!

DM xxx

mcewen said...

It's just around the corner as they say.
Best wishes

dulwichmum said...

Dear Mcewen,

I know, I can't bear it! It is just so scarey, I would hate for anyone to break their hearts.


Nunhead Mum of One said...

They grow up so quickly! Just last evening Mackenzie told me, with a serious look on his face, that he really is getting "such a big boy mummy" and did not snuggle down with Bear like he usually does. I must admit I wiped a tear from my cheek and his future whisked before my very eyes. Quite a frightening thought. Dear Max x

Babysteps said...

Young love is so hard. Daisy is going through boys like water, and she's only 3 years old! Last month it was Aiden, and now she's moved onto Lochlan. She's fickle. I fear she gets it from me.n443768

rilly super said...

this does sound like just the kind of family into which to marry your son dulwichmum, I should get something in writing from Imogen today if I were you and consider whisking the youngsters off to somewhere with more relaxed age limits on marriage before they change their minds. You could leave him to find his own way in life of course, that's what pete Docherty's mum did...

dulwichmum said...

Dear Nunheadmumofone,
Indeed it seems like only yesterday I was admiring his little fat hands and kissing his sweet nose - no actually, it was only yesterday!
Babysteps darling, it does seem to me that the girls are always the brains of the operation when it comes to relationships. I just want the boy to end up with a girl who gets my seal of approval. We really don't want any broken hearts!
Rilly dearest - that really is quite the cunning plan - indeed, a trip to Kazakstan shall be penciled in for immediate departure!

East of Dulwich said...

Dear dulwichmum

I really wouldn't be too concerned about the broken-heart risk. As with mumps (in the old days that is) heartbreak is best got over and done with long before boys reach puberty.

For myself, I had mine broken aged ten several decades ago -- and I'm still only just getting over it. (If you're reading this Karren, late of Pelham Middle,...I forgive you.)

Kindest regards,


dulwichmum said...

Dear East of Dulwich,

The old days sound so very harsh! I have a good mind to seek out this Karren of which you speak, and pull her braids - the heartless minx!