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Tuesday, 16 January 2007


This afternoon I had a meeting with some clients at London Bridge.

At the outset of the meeting their 'Big Boss' popped in to say hello. BB is an enormous authoritative man, who likes to feel that he knows exactly what is going on at all times, with everyone.

BB enquired where my colleague Anna was today.

'It's the final day for submission of UCAS forms and she is busy with her lovely son', I replied.

The BB laughed out loud and said:

'Medicine, law or engineering? I realised while still a school boy, that I was not the most attractive boy in a rugby strip, and that the pretty girls are always happy to go out with a white coat, a lawyer or an engineer'.

He gestured to his cowering minions, and turned to focus on me once more.

'You are a pretty girl, what did your husband read at university?'

'Engineering', I replied subserviently.

'That's my girl', he said. 'The pretty ones are not as silly as they look'.

It has been so long since I had a compliment of any description from my lovely busy husband, I laughed nervously with the BB, when I should have beaten him to a pulp with my new shoes - which by the way were tastefully exposing my toe cleavage.

Am I insulted because he slighted me? Publicly shaming me as an air head and a gold digger?

Did he slight me?

Is it in fact the truth and am I simply offended because the truth hurts? I love my husband actually, I always have, I can't argue that I am not an air head though - BB is a big mouthed bully. What does he know anyway? Times have changed, every girl knows that students of architecture, dentistry, accountancy and even veterinary science can make perfectly adequate husbands these days.

Am I actually appalled because I was secretly grateful that a man noticed I still have a pulse? Even if the man in question has the physique of a walrus.

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