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Sunday, 7 January 2007

The Vicar

I love our Vicar Diana. Quite apart from the fact she is a woman, she is American and has that amazing confident 'all knowing' wry smile thing going on, she is so practical. I remember virtually collapsing due to sleep deprivation and exhaustion one Tuesday morning at the mother-and-baby group in St Barnabas church hall. Diana was so supportive and reassuring, and just so inspiring and wonderful.

She took Freya in her arms, and sent Max away to play with one of the other mums. In a flash Diana organised me a wonderful cup of tea in a china cup from a pot. I will never forget the kind support she gave me - the sort of understanding you could never hope for from a Roman Catholic priest with no relevant life experience. Diana said, 'I know how hard it is' - and I believed her because she is a mother too. She empathised completely, and I will always be grateful to her for that.

She told me -

'We wash our first born in Johnson's baby bath, our second in Superdrug baby wash, our third in washing up liquid, and we don't have the time to wash our fourth baby at all'.

Diana will always have my full attention, because she gave me hers. Two babies were more than enough for us. It's no surprise that my grandmother loved gin. If I had fourteen children I would probably turn to crack cocaine.

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