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Sunday, 28 January 2007


On Friday evening at school pick up, several of the mothers were conversing about how much the little ones hate doing their 'Sounds Book' homework (which is an exercise designed to help them with their reading).

'Tom really hates The Sounds Book - it causes arguments in our house every evening. I really find this piece of homework particularly difficult' - said Sandra.

'Yes, every night at bed time Edward refuses to do his Sounds Book - it is just the worst struggle' - agreed Yasmin.

'At seven pm every night, James does the whole homework, reading and bedtime routine thing' I confessed, ashamed (I have no idea if The Sounds Book is a struggle - I really am a dreadful mother).

The only thing I struggle with each evening, is trying to resist until 7pm - the wonderful noise of a cork being drawn from a bottle. Seven pm, a respectable hour - the sound of children's footsteps on the stairs with their daddy, and I am to be found standing by the wine chiller.

My work is done. All is well. We survived another day in Dulwich.


Anonymous said...

Did you read the article in Saturdays Guardian? (or dont you read such middle class lefty stuff?)
Homework - out.
Creative family fun - in!!

dulwichmum said...

I should never admit to reading the Guardian darling! Now, lets see, creative family fun???

I can feel a blog coming on....