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Tuesday, 9 January 2007


I really hate that expression 'twenty four seven', and the other one I hate almost as much is 'Go girl' oh, and calling each other 'Girlfriend' in an American accent. Why are young girls all over the UK suddenly adopting these expressions?

Years ago, to tell someone to 'shut up' was highly offensive - my mother would take the slipper to me for the use of such a phrase, but now, girls are saying it to each other as some kind of exclamation. What is going on?

Hilda (our current Au-pair) told her boyfriend to 'shut up' last week, and she has been crying ever since. Apparently Luke was very offended, and so their romance is over. Hilda is devastated and returning to Norway. We are phenomenally unlucky with Au-pairs.

I tried to tell her;

I said,

'don't watch trailer trash TV, this is no substitute for English lessons and no way to learn the Queens English'.

This is all Ricky Lakes fault if you ask me.

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