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Friday, 12 January 2007


OK lets not put the cart before the horse here, but Freya (our three and a half year old) actually went in for her first assessment (second attempt) at School 1 School today! Hurrah!

The sale of our dream home fell through yesterday, the woman who was buying our house lost her buyer, and we have decided to stay put as a result.

The wind could have blown the roof of the house off last night for all we cared. Freya was refusing to go to School 1 for her interview for a place at their wonderful school, and so nothing else mattered. Not the cost of the legal fees/architects fees/cost of the survey on the new home - all lost, nothing else mattered a jot.

The teachers at the nursery are saints, they pleaded and bargained with her all morning. All manner of gifts from Cheeky Monkey toy Shop were promised, a full pack of Haribo jellies was dispensed, Grandma made a special trip from Wales, Daddy had the day off work, a bottle of nail polish was promised and she went it!

I am a stress magnate so it was best that I had nothing to do with this event. I am elated. I don't care about the new house anymore, everything else pales into insignificance. Freya relented!!!!!

OK, so yes, she probably will not get a place now anyhow, but she submitted to our will and went in to the school for the assessment. Yes she had to be dragged kicking and screaming, and yes she was bribed outrageously, but School 1 didn't phone and tell James to take her home early. She is still quite poorly, pale with pink eyes. Well enough for school though, bored with being home.

One stress at a time please, just one.

Tonight I will arrange to have the tree that fell on our car in the front garden last night removed. I may even arrange to have the roof repaired. The world can start to turn again.

All is well. Hurrah. The sun shines once more. We don't mind if Freya doesn't get through to the next interview at this prestigous school, our baby girl gave in to us, and went for her first assessment and this is huge progress as far as we are concerned.

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