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Monday, 22 January 2007

Second Interview

I couldn't sleep on Friday night due to the stress and anxiety of anticipating the horror to come on Saturday morning. James and I took a kicking and screaming Freya out of the car and to Alleyn's School for her second interview. She doesn't want to take part, it seems barbaric, but what can we do? Just outside the door to the school she suddenly hissed:

'A full pack of Jellies and I mean a big one'.

James and I were bemused. Shocked, we both instantly agreed to her demand, and Freya's demeanor was transformed instantly. She beamed, danced in the door, took a teachers hand and waved as she was led into another room.

We sat on the tiny chairs at the tiny tables sipping cold coffee and picking at Bourbon creams feeling confused and abused. I stared at James. He recovered from the shock of her sudden change of heart much more quickly than I. James is clearly accustomed to being manipulated by a female!

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