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Thursday, 18 January 2007


My close work colleague Anna, has been reading Trinny and Susannah's work of late, in particular, the advice they provide with regard to a girls choice of underwear. Anna tells me that the correct pants can do wonders for a girls figure.

Pants can apparently (boys don't need to know this so scoot on and read another post please) lift and separate the bum cheeks, and flatten the tummy - temporarily sculpting inches off the silhouette. This morning I noticed that Anna was a rather bizarre shape in her high waisted black pencil skirt. She appeared to have swallowed a net full of grapefruit from the appearance of her abdomen. I tried not to stare, and said nothing - ever the diplomat.

Mid-morning I went to the Ladies to powder my nose, only to hear fits of giggles from one of the cubicles. Anna had just realised that she had been wearing her magic pants back to front. She had been flattening her behind, while lifting and separating her tummy! Bless.

Some underwear, it is just not worth the trouble. That is probably why poor Britney, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan can't be doing with it. It is all just too complicated for them. Poor darlings!

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