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Monday, 8 January 2007

New Years Resolution

I am trying very hard to keep my new years resolution. I do not need to lose weight for once (I have no appetite at all at the moment - very strange for me!), and no, I am not cutting back on alcohol consumption either. No, this year I shall endeavour instead simply to be a better person.

My darling husband James, is so well measured - calm down Tiger, no, I mean, he is remarkably reserved, he is calm under pressure, not a drama queen like me, and never gossips, interferes or exaggerates. We are opposites. He says very little - and as a result people take him seriously, and generally do what he says (not our children of course - but everyone else).

I am trying to become knowing or even dare I say it cerebral and loose the air head image. So I will for the new year - hear no evil, see no evil and STOP gossiping.

Our wonderful graduate trainee Clementine has developed an obvious crush on a client with whom I am currently working. Clementine has begun to flutter her eyelashes at him, and laughs nervously when he is around. Her body language is outrageous, and her skirts are suddenly alarmingly short......... Clementine is in her mid-twenties, and has not yet realised that any unmarried thirty five year old man as good looking as Anthony is clearly gay.

Anthony would never discuss his sexuality at work, but he is outlandishly well dressed (wears only Connolly Loafers and has his shirts hand made in Paris), and has just paid an exorbitant sum of money on a new Kelly Hoppen sofa complete with Nicky Haslam fabric. In my learned opinion, straight, single men are never interested in this kind of upholstery. Indeed, I am convinced that my husbands own refined pallet in interior design, would dissolve into IKEA flat pack mayhem, if it was not for my influence.

I shall not tell her, no, it is not my business, I am ever the professional at work. This is the hardest thing I have done for years. I am poking my fingers in my ears while singing out loud with my eyes tightly shut and not interfering. This will be character building, I am sure.

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