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Saturday, 6 January 2007

Home wrecker

What happened to Anthea Turner? One minute she was a minxy husband snatcher with 'it' hair and no conscience,.... and the next thing she is on a 'trailer' for some obscure TV programme on Channel 5, teaching housewives how to fold bath towels on the floor of some dodgy suburban estate?

The kind of detail she appeared to be obsessing about is entirely irrelevant to the lives of women who have a job, children or sex (you can't really have both) or indeed a 'life'. If you ask me, Anthea's 'Tom Cat' of a husband needs to rediscover Anthea's feminine side or take her to adopt the infant population of a small unfortunate country before her GP reaches for his prescription pad, ... or worse. At the very least - Anthea needs a rabbit - and I don't mean a small rodent who eats carrots!

Clearly I have missed something. Either that, or God has the best sense of humour.

What goes around comes around sweetie.


Anonymous said...

The idea of that show just winds me up, like she actually does her own cleaning. Her house is probably perfectly clean though, because she has no kids to mess it up.

dulwichmum said...