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Wednesday, 6 June 2007


This afternoon the Big Boss asked me over lunch, why I would choose to write "chick lit" as he put it. What a cheek! I consider myself to be a re-incarnated member of the Bronte sisters. "Chick lit," indeed...

"Wouldn't you derive more satisfaction from publishing some of your work in one of the industry journals? It attracts a certain 'cachet' in the work place," he said.

"Cachet never was a priority of mine, I have always preferred cash. Is 'cachet' what you have sweetie?" I asked.

You know I am quite sure now that the BB wears dentures, because he almost swallowed them. Poor man, life with a small child in top floor flat in Tower Hamlets must be soul simply destroying.

Penthouse in St Catherine's Dock? Bless...


lady macleod said...

you bad, bad woman! Excellent. well done. definitely one of those comments that usually only comes AFTER the elevator doors close.

dulwichmum said...

Dear Sweet Lady Macleod,

I don't mean to be nasty, it is just sometimes people like to "Lord it" over others and I really don't like that at all - it brings out the badness in me.

I couldn't resist that line!

Congratulations on your nomination, well done.


mutterings and meanderings said...

He deserved that!

Nunhead Mum of One said...

Darling, he's just jealous - I bet Mrs BB is setting up her own blog as I type......x

Omega Mum said...

What 'industry journals' did he have in mind? Packaging News is a blistering read.......Would be fascinated to hear.

dulwichmum said...

Dear M&M,

I am not proud, I was nasty I know - but I couldn't help myself!

Dear Nunhead mum of one,

You know you are probably right! Every girl should have a blog.

Sweet Omega Mum,

I really shouldn't say. You would be so disappointed. I am not at all the intellectual I should aspire to be.


Frog in the Field said...

Dear BB,
Chick lit is what we ladies wot lunch, ask cook to make the gravy with.

Drunk Mummy said...

Industry journals, schmindustry journals (do I sound like a Jewish mama?) How much better to be on the panel of 'Have I Got News For You' than merely appear in 'this week's guest publication.'
Don't let this plodder clip your wings!

debio said...

So the green eyes are appearing and just wouldn't it be from a man?

dulwichmum said...

Dear Frog,

You are a scream!

Thank you dear Drunk Mummy.

Oh Debio, I know sweetie. Isn't it dreadful!


Stay at home dad said...

I agree, a credit card is so much more convenient than cachet..

@themill said...

Of course, this was acting totally out of character I presume?

nbn said...

Isnt cachet a nasty cheap faux french perfume for the 70s? Like Old Spice or Brut99?

Then of course he has cachet. My cleaner bought me a bottle one year. I sacked her.
I donated it to the local charity shop, where the vicar picked up the bottle and gave it to me as a present!!!

Motheratlarge said...

Well put, DM. My daughter's granny wears dentures, like your boss. On one occasion my daughter got so over-excited she knocked the plate right out of Granny's mouth. Poor Granny. She didn't mind.

dulwichmum said...

Dear Stay at home Dad,

I am so glad we agree!

@the mill darling,

At the moment he is not himself at all. He has been Our Supreme Leader for so long, I fear he is suffering from a mid-life crisis.

NBN my lovely,

You know this is just the kind of thing that happens to me - are you sure we don't live in the same parish?

Lovely Mother at large,

Poor Granny! Our generation has veneers and dental implants instead, the BB is part of that generation. Clearly!

I Beatrice said...

What's all this about Grannies and their teeth? I protest, I really do!

And just for the record, when both cash and cachet are definitely out.... well, to be published in any kind of journal would be a plus!

I do appreciate your visiting me again though! It really made my day. Have replied to you there at length - and would cone here more often if only I thought myself young, or cool, or witty enough.....

dulwichmum said...

Oh dear Beatrice, I apologise sincerely I really do. I get carried away with my big mouth. I am truely sorry.