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Thursday, 8 March 2007

Appropriate attire

We went to The Horniman Museum on Sunday morning, to meet with friends and provide the little ones with some stimulation and an opportunity for a run around on an otherwise miserable and overcast day. The Horniman is an ideal popular local choice on any day of the year. The gardens are glorious in summer, and the inside is interesting and cavernous in the rain.

The children danced to the vibrant live Brazilian music, 'oohed and aaahed' at the Walking with Beasts exhibition, stuck their faces up against the enormous fish tanks in The Aquarium and made thunderous noises in The Music Room - and all prior to lunch!

It was exhausting. Just as we sat down to a welcome coffee break (ha, ha - more like a bun fight in the jam packed coffee shop), Freya announced loudly;

'I want to go to the toilet'.

Don't you just hate when they do that? The brown speckled froth on the top of my cappuccino was calling my name, but no. We marched into the toilet and she climbed up onto the loo. It was then that Freya shared a small detail she omitted to tell me earlier before we left home;

'I have none pants on mummy'.

Freya has been showing her 'free spirit' tendencies of late, I dress her - she undresses herself, although usually to be fair, it is just her socks. MYHEART!!!

I wonder if Emma Noble's mother had any warning that her daughter would grow up to dress so .... sparsely. I remember that time Emma Noble turned up to a film premier on the arm of the then PM - John Major's son, wearing a minute net curtain of a dress and some pants.

My mother commented at the time;

'that girl is giving everyone the wrong impression'.

James looked up from over the top of his newspaper and replied;

'No Brenda, she is probably giving everyone the right impression',

and you know, looking back - he was right. Ah, well the gift of hindsight is a wonderful thing.

'Who cares', I said to Freya,

'if it is good enough for Britney Spears'...............

Actually now, somebody reassure me please... Freya will grow out of this, won't she?


dulwichmum said...

Dear Sister,

Actually I have never grown out of my forgetful nature! Freya really is a 'Mini me'!

piersy said...

careful now, she'll be shaving off her hair next if you don't clamp down on this sort of behaviour!

ps. you're a bit of a star DM, keep up the good work :)

dulwichmum said...

Dearest Mr Mockney Piers,

You really are a lovely man. What can I say, you always bring a smile to my face.

Best wishes,

Foxy Minx said...

I love this blog...
...even with none pants!