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Saturday, 17 March 2007


I can't ever seem to get the balance right. I either give work everything I have (which considering I don't often get a full night's sleep is not a lot) or else the family is organised, I can't seem to keep all the balls in the air at once.

If one is looking good, the other has been well and truly abandoned.

If both are looking slightly disorganised - that seems about as much as I can manage. I am hoping to avoid any dangerous omissions with either.

I can turn up at the office, bristling with efficiency, impress the entire department with my slick professional persona, no run in my stockings and my hair hi-lighted to perfection, desk clear, every eventuality anticipated...


I can have the children well turned out, clothes fitting (they grow so quickly!) nails trimmed, hair washed fringes cut, homework done, gifts/cards/wrapping paper at the ready and details of all parties and play dates in the diary, dry cleaning collected, shoes heeled and polished, washing carried out, ironed and hung up, larder and fridge full of organic produce (and within it's sell by date), menu planned for the week ahead.

I cannot seem to manage both simultaneously. Something has to give. A working mother has to prioritise! I am quite simply not gifted at advanced multi-tasking.

My hair and nails must be perfect - this is obvious. My clothes must be pristine - this goes without saying (I bought a wonderful and totally amazing Laundry dress this evening from Eclipse on Parkhall Road and I shall be simply the belle of the ball at work next week - clearly a priority well chosen - thank the Lord for Elaine).

So the darlings have long nails, I shall toss the nail clippers at the au pair as I jog out the door to work on Monday morning. They can all eat at work/school. These munchkins are far too young to take their homework seriously, and children get so many presents at birthday parties anyhow, they don't even notice half of it. It is not very environmentally friendly at all really.

Hell, something has to give...

Why does it always have to be me?


Nunhead Mum of One said...

You're doing fine dear one.....I trust you received excellent mothers days presents? I got a papier mache duck called Dennis(made by Mac at nursery)and a buch of daffs.

See my "Just Say No" reply!

NumberOneScumMum said...

Good Grief! If there is league system for mother's day gifts, I am most definitely in the Vauxhall Conference. I find myself envying not just your lovely new bag (you'll get over James's ungracious handover of said gift, so what if he thinks you're a shallow, manipulative cow, you've got a new bag!) but also Nunhead Mum's bunch of daffs. I got - a card made a nursery in the shape of a fish..... A FISH - how exactly is that representative of my selfless mothering skills?

dulwichmum said...

Dear Numberonescummum,

You are right. To hell with him, I shall buy some new heels to match ...with his credit card!

Anonymous said...

no such thing as multi - tasking......................................only doing too much!