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Sunday, 25 March 2007


Yesterday afternoon I took Freya to a party on Turney Road dressed as a buttercup. James is normally happy to escort the children to all of the parties that they are invited to. However, he draws the line at parties that are too 'girlie'.

I dropped James off at West Dulwich train station with the boy wonder after lunch on my way to the party with Freya. It was clear that the boys had made plans of their own, as Max was full of whispers regarding their "big secret". It was actually rather sweet.

I returned home with Freya later in the afternoon to hear shouts and activity from the study. I must admit that I was more than a little alarmed. When I burst into the room with Freya at my side, father and son appeared to be shadow boxing.

James has purchased one of those new "Wii" games consol thingies. The two boys have been locked in the study for two days now, "playing tennis". James has convinced himself that as they are standing while playing, this is the equivalent of exercise. Indeed, he could hardly get out of the bed this morning as his shoulders were aching. James did a few "rounds of boxing" last night in his study before bed! (Ha, ha, ha)

I can’t begin to imagine what the neighbours are thinking as we have no curtains in the study. I am sure that from the street, James must appear to be some kind of deranged simpleton dancing about in an alarming manner.

I have never approved of computer games for children, and been convinced that they are in no small part responsible for the rise in childhood obesity. I imagined that they encourage solitary play, not allowing children to develop social skills such as the ability to share for example.

I would do almost anything however, to distract James from his obsession that darling Max should become a professional rugby player. Rugby injuries include cauliflower ears and paraplegia - it is not the sport of choice for my baby boy.

I leaned on the kitchen island this evening, flicking though my current secret copy of Martha Stewart Weddings (I must admit - my most favourite magazine) smiling to myself at the thought that this new game is encouraging my two men to spend hours playing together. Just marvellous.

I sadly realised that Freya is not welcome in the study at the moment. The tiny girl has asked to join in with the fun, and been refused. Not yet four, she doesn't have the co-ordination or agility of her older brother. For Freya, the game is not a “Wii”. The game is instead a "they".

I love the jewellery in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. I think I shall have my platinum engagement ring re-set. Apparently yellow gold will soon be back in fashion. Clearly I would keep the enormous solitaire stone – perhaps I could have a setting made with lots of other diamonds all around it?

James, lost in his excitement while playing a particularly athletic game of "tennis" this evening, jumped into the door of the study, and all but gave himself a cauliflower ear!

No sport is safe enough for my men...

I think Max shall play chess.


antarctichousehusband said...

Dulwichmum, chess is not nearly so safe as you think. Several years ago, two men on the Russian antarctic base began a game one winter which lasted several days. Finally, the scientist checkmated the chef, upon which the chef grabbed an axe and plunged it into scientist's neck. The response of the authorities? Ban chess.
You have been warned...

Heidi said...

yellow gold?
over my dead body.

dulwichmum said...

Dear friends,

I so value your advice. Many thanks.