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Thursday, 29 March 2007

Freya's Birthday

Today my precious daughter was four years old. It is hard to believe that the little poppet began life just a few short years ago, and is no longer a tiny baby.

No more bottles (of boiled water - clearly, the darling was breast fed), nappies (biodegradable of course), baby gates (removed from the bottom of the stairs, soon to be re-instated in my bedroom doorway to confine me in my imminent senility), high chair, tiny car seat or even pram! It is hard to accept that both of my munchkins' baby days are no more.

This next phase of their childhood shall entail the careful avoidance of the endless antics and bullying of the school gate mafia, God help me.

I wanted to mark the day in a special way. Freya was born more than eight weeks prematurely and was incredibly unwell following her emergency delivery. She weighed just four pounds and was ventilated for ten days. The entire family bears the scars of those traumatic, anxious first weeks.

I took an annual leave day and decided that a special treat was in order. I had my hair cut and coloured in Nicky Clarke, followed by an Eve Lom facial and all of the extras at the Marylebone salon in Spanish Place.

I don't see why the children should have all of the fun, it is the mothers who suffer the pain of childbirth after all. Freya was happy enough playing with her new toy kitchen supervised by our delightful au pair Ana. She shall have her party when the new school term starts after Easter.

All of her little friend's are out of town skiing or at Center Parcs, and James is working on a crucial deal at work - out until midnight every day this week. He is hoping to retire by Christmas, but until then I am virtually a single mother!

OK so you really despise me now. How bloody refreshing, I have been driving the damn Prius all week and the constant looks of approval from other drivers and even pedestrians is doing my head in...


DollyParton said...

Well happy birthday Freya. You are so right to treat yourself, DM. After all:-

"For the nine months I carried you
Growin' inside me - No charge
For the nights I've sat up with you
Doctored you, and prayed for you - No charge
For the time and the tears
That you've cost through the years, there's No charge
And when you add it all up
The full cost of my love is No charge"

Silvana said...

Oh, I can't bear how quickly they grow up! I wish I could turn the clock back and make my little boy a baba again!

NumberOneScumMum said...

DulwichMum, why do you think we despise you, when you are just trying to save darling Freya from the social-anxiety of not having anyone come to her party? You are a model to us all.

Not only that, but considering how you've been soldiering on in such adversity whilst James has been doing god-knows-what, I think you deserse another new handbag this Saturday. The Kensington is very nice.

Pig in the Kitchen said...

How bizarre, one of my babies also has a birthday (next week), and it's the baby that was also born early and only weighed 4 pounds. We escaped the ventilation horror deserve the treat, after all, you do drive a Prius!

Babysteps said...

Happy birthday, Freya! I totally agree - it's the mums who go through childbirth, so let's whoop it up. Good for you for treating yourself!

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Freya! A special girl - what a dramatic way to make an entrance four years ago! HOw scary it must have been. Well done. V impressed with the Prius!

AntiScam said...

If you wanted to be really naughty, you could have driven the Q7 into the Congestion Charge zone for your hair do. That really would have fired Anonymous 1 up!

dulwichmum said...

Darling Antiscam,

Why didn't I think of that?