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Monday, 12 March 2007

Dressing up

This morning my baby girl decided that she wanted to wear her furry lion suit to school. She is not yet four and is not required to wear a uniform so, it was not a problem to indulge my tiny girl. On top of her Petit Bateau underwear, Boden leggings and T-Shirt, she wore the cosy faux fur lion suit, that Grandma Brenda bought for her last Christmas. She wore her lion hat – complete with main, and her tail trailed on the path behind her. I tied her tail in a knot half way down Alleyn Park as I didn't want her to have a nasty accident on her scooter.

She was the cutest button. Honestly, just too sweet, and completely took my breath away, I was so proud of her. At the door of the nursery every morning, all of the children and parents line up and shake the hand of the serene head mistress as they walk through the door.

When we got to the top of the queue this morning, the lovely Mrs Divine welcomed myself and Max and asked where Freya was, while stroking our lovely little tame lion.

‘Hello there Mr Lion, have you seen Freya anywhere on your journey?’ – she asked.

’Shhhhhhhhhh, it is me Mrs Divine, I am Freya in my special lion suit – I am not a lion at all’, she said. The innocence of her!

Mrs Divine feigned shock, and commented on how authentic dressing up clothes have become of late. My mind began to wander – in the manner of Walter Mitty.

I would love a ‘Liz Hurley’ dressing up suit. Yes, I would require vacuum packing in order to fit into it, and a considerable amount of ‘corsetry’ for it to be believable, but what a hoot that would be. I don’t think I would ever take it off.

Why is it that the children have all the fun?


East Dulwich Mum said...

Sweet! I would kill for just a pair of her shoes.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes yes!
I want dressing up clothes.
I went to see Chicago the musical with my dear friend and her parents Friday last.(it was her parents' anniversary)
An excellent show about women murdering men. A murder but not a crime!
Any how, there are several very lithe, scantily clad young women wearing mainly undergarments and fishnet tights.
'Oh she's got my body suit on again' Said Elaine very loudly as the first young thing pranced on. How I do wish I could have different body suits to put on and take off at will....

Foxy Minx said...

I want one, I want one of those too! Like David Walliams on Little Britain or Eddie Murphy - but to make me smaller - clearly!

Babysteps said...

How fun would it be to show up to my dull office in domanatrix gear? Or at the very least, a naughty maid costume? Oh, if only...

dulwichmum said...

The suit I would like would have her skin, hair, finger nails and everything and it would make me taller too. Clearly I would be much more of a lady than she.... but I would love to be 'demure', even just for one day!

AntiScam said...

Liz Hurley has a strange ruber like face - don't you think? Why her?